29 January 2012

The Wonders of an iPad

I must admit when Apple first came out and began to introduce their products to market I was completely against them and to be honest I'm not really sure why? Ah! I know what it was, my high school had really crap laptops in biology and they were apples. I remember them being so slow and difficult to navigate with their stupid little one click mouse!

Anyway, I have now completely changed my mind after receiving an iPad 2 for Christmas from my son (with help ofcourse from Daddy). The iPad is actually awesome! It has so many different features and the apps you can download are amazing. The best thing about it is that Logan now steals it from me and uses it all by himself. I'm totally amazed at how a 2 year old, who doesn't speak, can quite happily turn on the iPad, select the game he wants to play and sit for a good 30 minutes on the sofa enjoying himself. He seems to be such a quick learner, mastering the art of iPadding within 2 days of using it so he's obviously got some good brain cells in there (thanks to me ofcourse!). Here's hoping his speech will now develop further with the help of this wonderful tool.

We've downloaded quite a few of the free apps for him such as flash cards so he can learn animal names and sounds, there's another good app which teaches your child all about Fruit. It's brilliant and very captivating for a 2 year old. The lovely Dorky Mum also suggested some Peppa Pig and Humf apps which I'll be downloading shortly. Unfortunately they aren't free but whatever helps my little man I'll happily pay for.

On another note if there's any nice companies out there who would like me to review their iPad apps please do give me a shout, you can find my details on the contact page! (a little cheeky but you never know).

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