20 January 2012

Toddler Mischief and The Amazing Dog

Well today whilst I was at work I got a random email from the other half informing me that Logan had some how managed to get out of the house and walk along our street! Now he's only just turned 2 but he's so tall he can reach all the door handles in our house including the ones on the front and back door!

My other half had just nipped out to quickly speak to a workman who is working on our back garden at the moment and closed the door behind him without locking it. Without him realising Logan had heard him go out the door and proceeded to follow. He didn't see his Daddy nip into the back garden so started to walk along our street. Luckily our street is a quiet cul-de-sac however the saving grace I think was that our dog, Lexie, followed Logan out the front door and along the path with him. She's such a good dog and loves Logan to pieces so would never leave his side. I also think thank god because Lexie is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and if any weirdo had spotted Logan I'm sure they would have thought twice about approaching (although Logan was only in the street for all of 2 seconds).

Mischiefous Toddler & Amazing Dog when they were younger

Logan starting to panic not seeing where his Daddy could be so started screaming (as a toddler would) at this point the other half's heart stopped in complete fear and ran to our son to find Lexie dutifully sitting by his side.

It just goes to show how toddlers can be so observant and quick as a flash they're off without you even realising! I'm sure everyone's had that dreaded moment when you realise your little one has wondered off, it's a scary thought and we'll definitely be keeping the doors locked from now on - lesson learnt.

I'd love to hear your tales of toddler mischief so please do share.

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