23 January 2012

Review: New Image Genie Bra

Hot off the press is the brand new revolutionary New Image Genie Bra which promises no spillage, back fat or bra shelf (the fat you get under the bra at the front). I was delighted to recieve a sample to review as I'm sick to death of the dreaded back fat, everyone has it (and if you don't you're a freak of nature) so I'm putting this bra through it's paces and hoping for good results.

An expert behind the New Image Genie Bra says "Over 80% of women are wearing an uncomfortable, ill fitting bra. Now they can wave goodbye to bad posture, chafing, neck, shoulder and post operative pain with the New Image Genie Bra."

I have to agree with the fact about 80% of women wearing uncomfortable bras. I was one of them. I spent what must have been 2 hours in a well known underwear shop after finishing breastfeeding for good as I wanted to treat myself to some nice sexy bras. I must have tried on atleast 20 different styles and 2 or 3 different sizes and not one would fit me properly. I was so upset I could have cried but I ended up buying a bra that wasn't comfortable just for the sake of having a bra as none of the others I had at home fitted me after breastfeeding. It was a nightmare.

Atleast with the New Image Genie Bra sizing is simple, just match your dress size to your New Image Genie Bra size and you'll have a comfortable bra that conforms to your shape without the hassle of chest measurements and cup sizes.

This bra has purely been designed for comfort in mind. It has no wires, hooks or adjusting straps. It's simply a good stretchy bra that you can comfortably slip over your head and arms and it fits quickly into place where it should be, covering your boobies!

Before it was first launched it had a waiting list of over 15,796 women so I really was hoping for the best if that many women wanted one! It's more geared towards the sporty type I think or it would be perfect for expectant mothers as it's very soft and comfortable against the skin, you'd barely remember you had the bra on.

The one I received to test had the extra soft full coverage support pads however my boobs are a little on the larger size so when I put the bra on with the pads it gave me an odd shaped chest which I obviously didn't like but when I took the pads out it was ok however if it was ever cold I'd be flashing nipple which isn't so good. I suppose I would only be flashing if I had a tighter top on maybe? The good things though is that there is no back fat, bra shelf or spillage as promised so it does do what it says and it's comfortable to wear. I didn't really feel it gave me loads of support but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be with an all fabric bra.

You can purchase your very own New Image Genie Bra in a pack of 3 (black, white & nude) for RRP £39.95 from Tesco and BHS.

Overall a very comfortable bra and one that was easy to wear without even noticing you had it on. Wasn't so sure about the support pads for bigger breasts as this gave an awkward shape which wasn't so fetching. Easy to size this bra so big thumbs up for that and for 3 bras the price isn't bad, it works out at £13.32 per bra which is quite good I think. Didn't give as much support as I would have liked though so lacks a bit with that and it doesn't give you any cleavage either!

Mummies rating - 6/10

Please visit www.geniebra.co.uk for more information.

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Maia Dobson on 31 May 2012 at 07:26 said...

What I like about this bra is that it looks comfy and that it can give full chest coverage. My sister, who had breast implants with the plastic surgeons in Long Island, would love to buy this bra to give her breasts supreme support.

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