22 January 2012

Review: GOSH Click 'n' Conceal

Being a mum is hard work and we all know this don't we ladies! And with children comes the inevitable; sleepless nights, stress, and the never ending darkness that now seems to surround our eyes! Obviously it's due to major lack of sleep but don't despair, we can hide those nasty dark circles with the brand new Click 'n' Conceal from GOSH.

The lovely people from GOSH Cosmetics sent me my very own Click 'n' Conceal to try out and I must say I'm impressed. I was using another brand before as I have massive dark circles under my eyes but now I think I'll swicth to the GOSH brand. It's very easy to apply with a quick 2-3 clicks at the bottom to release some of the cover up concealer and with one smooth swish of the brush your dark areas are now seamlessly hidden. Brilliant!

Here's what GOSH have to say about their lovely Click 'n' Conceal products: "Cheat your way to a flawless complexion with just a few clicks of this moisturising, buildable concealer that eliminates shadows and imperfections, leaving you with a seamless finish. Perfect for disguising signs of tiredness and experssion lines, Click 'n' Conceal contains light reflecting properties and 'light magnifications' to increase luminosity, hide imperfections and leave the complexion looking more radiant."

I found this concealer worked brilliantly with my skin tone and the fact that is comes in 4 different shades means there's something to suit everyone (I had the lightest one as I have fair skin). It will easily fit in your hand bag so you can always carry it around and use when you need to. I keep mine in a very small make-up bag which I keep in my hand bag and it fits beautifully. You can purchase your very own Click 'n' Conceal exclusively from Superdrug stores nationwide for only £6.99.

Overall a brilliant product and one I will be purchasing in future. It does what it says it will and thank god, my major eye shadows need hidding from the world and this does just the trick. Pricing if fair compared to other brands so that gets a tick from me.

Mummies rating - 9/10

Please visit www.goshcosmetics.com for more products and information.

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