21 January 2012

Review: Fox's Biscuits

Every time I hear the name Fox's Biscuits it reminds me of the advert with the little gangster panda in it. Very cute but very funny. It also makes my mouth water as Fox's Biscuits are oh so tasty! You can imagine my sheer delight then when Fox's sent me a little bundle of biscuits to review for them just before Christmas. Perfect timing for the guest to try as well.

As with sending out the normal range of delicious Fox's Biscuits they also sent us some of their Moos Malted Milk Cream Finger biscuits which are designed for children. They sort of remind me of custard creams but they're very scrummy and Logan loved them. We were lucky enough to be sent 2 packets of these and it's safe to say he enjoyed them loads. He finished both packets apart from the odd one that Mummy or Daddy nibbled on. Fox’s Moos Malted Milk Cream Finger Bars contain a scrumptious vanilla cream filling between two tasty malted milk biscuit fingers. They are perfect as an on-the-go snack, a lunchbox filler, or as a yummy treat for the little ones when they get home from school. Each pack of Fox’s Moos Malted Milk Cream Finger Bars contains individually wrapped biscuits for a reasonably priced £1.29.

The biscuits that us adults were sent had to be even better though (as they had chocolate on them). We were sent the divine viennese edition biscuit box, the cracker shaped chocolate covered biscuit selection and the cracker shaped cream filled biscuits. I have to say that all were lovely and we couldn't fault any of them, well the only fault is I wish we had got more! Totally greedy to say ofcourse but they're really very good.

You get 400g of biscuits in the viennese edition box which contains 8 different types of chocolate and cream biscuits all for £6.00. Stockists include Morrisions, Waitrose and Tesco. The cracker shaped chocolate covered biscuits are £3.99 for 150g and can be bought from Asda or Waitrose. And last but not least the cracker shaped cream filled biscuits can also be bought from Asda or Waitrose for £3.99 for 150g. All as tasty as the next. Oh that reminds me someone at work brought Fox's Chocolatey Selection into work the other day, needless to say they only lasted about 2 days!

Overall, well you know what I'm going to say don't you! These biscuits were YUM! They melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. The sign of a truly scrummy biscuit. Everyone at my work loved the Chocolatey Selection that was brought in and I've never seen biscuits eaten so quickly. That just proves how good they are - so go and buy them. Perfect for when you have posh guests round for a pot of tea.

Mummies rating - 10/10
Other Half's rating - 10/10
Logan's rating - 10/10

Please visit http://www.foxs-biscuits.co.uk/vinniesemporium/ for more products and information. You can also follow Vinnie the Panda - Fox's Biscuits No.1 Fan over on facebook.

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