12 January 2012

Review: Chicco Turbo Touch Cars

If you didn't already know, my son Logan is completely obsessed with cars, trucks, trains and basically anything with wheels. So when we were offered the opportunity to test and review one of Chicco's cool Turbo Touch cars we just couldn't refuse.
There are 8 fun and exciting Turbo Touch cars in the range to choose from; Trakky, Pinky, Quaddy, Wild, Super Big, Fast Blue, Climber and Tropheo. Logan was sent the very cute Tropheo to test out. He's a little orange 4x4 sort of car and he already has batteries included with him. As soon as you flick the swicth underneath to turn the car on he starts his engine and sits idling away waiting to be raced. Your child can simply push down on the back of the car and it begins to rev it's engine and shoots off once your child has stopped pushing. The car can toot it's horn in salute or screech to a halt. The more you press down on the car the further it'll race.

Logan really loves this little car and I think it's pretty cool myself. It's superb how it sits and idles away when you turn it on with it's little engine ticking over. Logan learned very quickly how to make the car work and pushes it down all the time to make it go. I think it's great for developing your child's imagination as even when the car isn't turned on Logan uses it to pretend race with his other cars.
I've noticed these cars work well on carpets and wooden/laminate flooring as the front two wheels have a strip of rubber grip running up the middle of them.

The cars in the range are suitable from 2 years + however Logan received his when he was a bit younger and he still loved it. You can purchase your very own Turbo Touch car from Amazon for RRP £9.99 but there's normally always some kind of offer on so I'm sure you would be able to grab one cheaper.

Overall brilliant little cars, Logan's worked very time he pushed it down. Nice and big and chunky for little hands. It's a lot bigger than you think it is as well. It fits in my hand but it hangs over the edges a bit so a decent size.

Mummies rating - 10/10
Logan's rating - 10/10

Please visit www.chicco.co.uk for more products and information.

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