17 January 2012

New Year Resolutions

Ok so it's a new year and I really should have made some resolutions by now but on 1st January I decided I really didn't want to set myself any resolutions this year. Why should I? I thought, I'll only break them or just ignore them. That was until I read the lovely Petit Mom's new year resolutions and they inspired me to write my own. Petit Mom's resolutions are simple but realistic and I think that's what I'll definitely be aiming for with mine. So here goes nothing!

Spend More Time with Family
Now I do spend a lot of time at home and with my family but sometimes I don't feel like it's "quality" time if you know what I mean. I feel like I spend far too much time on the laptop and I've tried to calm this down a bit but I really need to plan it better now so I can get organised with my blogging work but also more organised in my home life. I would also like to take Logan to more events or different attractions this year. Hopefully when the summer comes he'll be better at communcating and we can all go berry picking. I loved it when I was little and I'm sure he would love it too!

Start Planning
The other half and I have been engaged for quite a few years now and we always said we wouldn't be one of those couples who stay engaged forever but actually got married quite quickly. As you can probably tell that never happened. Our son came along and our wedding plans got put on hold. So this year I would really like to atleast start planning our wedding of some sorts. Even to look at some venues and even pick a date would be great. Fingers crossed.

Home Cooking
I have never been a great cook or even a good cook but I would love to cook more meals from scratch so that my son is getting something healthy and tasty. I think the way forward for this is to do some meal planning for the week and buy groceries according to my list. That way it will force me to cook what I have instead of reaching for the closest ready meal in the freezer or the telephone to call a takeaway. This year is going to be a bit healthier and a bit scrummier, I hope anyway...

Look After Myself
This might sound like a strange one but I often find I don't take care of myself as much as I used to or should. I used to pamper myself all the time, remember to shave my legs and wax my eyebrows on a regular basis but lately I have been letting it all go and it's got a bit frightening! So this year I'm going to turn myself into a yummy mummy who pampers herself when the mood takes her. It's a feel good thing that I think I need. I work full time as well as running a household and looking after a toddler and I'm not saying I'm the only parent doing this but god do I need a little looking after now and again.

The Gym
It's safe to say this will probably be on most peoples list as it always usually is. When I was a bit younger I would attend the gym 3 or 4 times a week however for the last couples of years it has been nonexistent in my life and if I'm going to start home cooking I should really head to the gym to help me live a healthier lifestyle. I've bought myself some Sketcher Tone Ups in preparation and I better dig out the old gym gear and blow away the cobwebs as I'll be going along tomorrow night with my cousin - for moral support ofcourse!

So there you have it a few goals for this year and ones which I hope are pretty simple and realistic to follow. We'll see...

3 comments on "New Year Resolutions"

Helen on 17 January 2012 at 23:21 said...

Good resolutions! And yes we put our wedding on hold when I fell pregnant, thankfully both our parents have helped us out so it's only really down to them for giving us some money that we can even do this.

Susan Mann on 19 January 2012 at 17:10 said...

Great list. Good luck xx

The Breastest News on 19 January 2012 at 19:29 said...

Helen - That's great your parents are helping you out with the wedding. Apart from the venue have you planned/ booked anything else?

Susan - Thanks, I need all the luck I can get! x

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