19 January 2012

The Gym


Since I've written my new year resolutions I thought what better way to kick start the list than by tackling the gym first. I arranged a date with my cousin to come along with me (for moral support ofcourse) and we decided Wednesday 18th January was our night to shine or sweat like a pig if you're anything like me!

So off we trotted to our local community centre to use their gym facilities. It's nice and clean and they have enough equipment for us to use even though it's packed into a very small room but it'll do. We don't need masses of space to break a sweat really. Looking quite the part in my sketcher tone up trainers, three quarter length stretchy bottoms (needed to accommodate the Beyonce Butt syndrome that I unfortunately suffer from) and vest top I was ready to take on the world, well the treadmill atleast!

My cousin and I strutted in and headed for the cycle machines to warm us up, I have to confess we only used the ones that you can sit down in that have a back rest, not the ones that look like proper bikes! We hadn't been to the gym for over a year so we had to take it easy on the first day back you see. Well that's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it. Before we knew it a whole hour had passed, we must have been concentrating so hard on the training time had literally raced forward! Or it could have been the fact we were gabbing so much we hadn't paid any attention… Whatever is was we could definitely feel the burn.

Next up was the stepper machine. Now I must stress the machine I hate the most is the stepper. It's a dirty little rotten machine that simulates climbing the stairs and makes your legs ache with pain although it does give the best results for bum and thigh toning so I just couldn't miss it out. Like I mentioned before I've got Beyonce Butt syndrome so something had to be done to sort that bad boy out. We only stayed on the stepper for maximum 10 minutes as I just couldn't take anymore - I know, I'm weak!

By now we were flagging so decided to finish our session on the treadmill. I'd be telling porky pies if I didn't say I was glad when it was all over but I must say I was surprised by how energised I felt. The gym definitely made me feel better about myself which is great and if it trims down my Beyonce Butt at the same time well it's a bonus. It's also a social environment and not getting out much these days with having a young child, it's nice to be in adult company and have a good blether with my cousin.

So I feel the start to my new year resolutions has went well, I'll be back at the gym next Tuesday and Wednesday to take it up a notch. Keep your fingers crossed for me (and your toes) I'll certainly be needing it.

Photo Credit - Marc Kane

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How To Get Ripped Fast on 15 March 2012 at 06:51 said...

The guy is ripped through the core. Well built back muscles as well. He has a great workout regimen.

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