13 November 2011

Review: John Crane Transport Sounds Puzzle

Trying to get Logan to do a puzzle has been a lot more difficult than I thought. Some of the puzzles he has he gets very frustrated with and loses interest quickly if he can't put the puzzle piece into the shape. He sees myself and his Daddy doing it with ease and wants to copy but unfortunately becomes rather annoyed when he can't do it himself. So when the very generous people from Letterbox kindly sent Logan the Transport Sounds Puzzle by John Crane to test and review we gladly accepted and hoped that this puzzle would bring him some joy!

This puzzle is about the same average size as any other puzzle out their on the market that you can lift shapes out of, the big difference with this one though is that it is much thicker. Why? I hear you ask, well that's because this puzzle makes noises and sounds. Ingenious isn't it and since it's a transport puzzle it makes 6 different noises of transport that we see today. These are: an aeroplane, boat, car, motorbike, train and fire engine. All really noisy and loud to keep your toddler interested.

It's a very bright and welcoming puzzle with bold colours and when you lift the puzzle pieces out there is a little scene of that particular transport in action. For example you can see the train driving along the countryside on the tracks. So quite good to explain to your toddler what that particular mode of transport does or what it is used for which is great for extra learning.

The puzzle pieces themselves are thick and chunky and perfect for little hands to manoeuvre. They're hard wearing too as Logan has had a fly chew here and there and they seem to be perfectly fine. The sound this puzzle makes is very loud, a lot louder than you would have ever expected which can be annoying but it's a good tool to help your child interact and learn cause and effect.

It does say on the John Crane website that you lift the puzzle piece out to discover the sound but when Logan lifts his puzzle pieces out they make no sound, it’s only when you slot the puzzle pieces back in do they make a noise which isn't any problem for us. One thing we do have a slight issue with is that the sound can be quite temperamental. If Logan trods on the puzzle slightly the sounds will go off or if he puts a puzzle piece into the wrong shape it'll still make a noise but not necessarily the correct noise that corresponds to that puzzle piece. Also sometimes the puzzle doesn’t make any noise when you put the puzzle piece back into it's correct place so like I said a bit temperamental at times. None the less this is still a great puzzle and Logan doesn't really care if it makes the wrong noise or not although it could get a bit confusing for him at such a young age. I could imagine older children correcting the puzzle telling it that it's making the wrong noises though!

Logan does really enjoy this puzzle, it has to be his favourite now as it really engages him and spurs him on even more to fit the pieces correctly into the shapes. The puzzle pieces are a lot easier for him to pick up and a lot easier for him to slot into place as well so a big thumbs up for that. He finds the noises amusing and it always brings a little smile to his face when a noise burst out of the little speaker.

As for batteries you might be wondering, well you need 2xAAA to run this bad boy but don't worry, they're already included in the puzzle for you. You'll also be glad to know that this puzzle has and on/off switch so when your little one has finished playing just switch it off! Simple as that.

You can purchase this interactive noisy puzzle from LetterBox for £14.00. John Crane also do a Farm Sounds Puzzle and a Jungle Sounds Puzzle so keep your eyes pealed for these.

Overall a superb puzzle to keep your toddler entertained and to help them learn all about methods of transport. A few issues with the temperamental sounds however this can be overlooked by the quality of the puzzle and the amount of use it will probably get. Pricing is a bit high, it could really do with being a little cheaper but it's not something that will break the bank so still affordable.

Mummies rating - 7/10
Logan's rating - 9/10

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