8 November 2011

Are You Ready for Winter?

Well it seems that the big freeze is almost upon us! I was rather taken aback when I woke up the other morning to a frosty car and frosty pavements. It wasn't too bad I suppose since it was the weekend, infact it was crisp but sunny. So I wrapped Logan up in his big padded jacket complete with faux fur lined hood and headed out for a walk. We took Lexie pie (the dog) with us too, she even had her fleece jacket on!

It did get me thinking about the horrible weather we got at the end of November last year and made me wonder how long it would be before that happened again this year?

So what I want to ask everyone is, are you prepared? Last year when the very bad weather hit with the heavy snow fall, we definitely weren't prepared. We just didn't expect it really. It was so bad we couldn't get out of our street for atleast 2 days and we have a 4x4 - yes I know, shocking! I remember Logan was being weaned and we unfortunately didn't have any food in the house (we were due to do a grocery shop when the snow hit) so I had to traipse all the way up to the chemists to buy a handful of baby food jars to tide Logan over. It was a struggle and it took me well over an hour when it should have only taken me 30 minutes.

This wasn't even the worst of it. The snow was just getting started!

We also didn't have any snow shovels to dig our cars and the street out which was a massive pain so ended up having to borrow neighbours which just wasn't practical. We didn't have a sledge either so had to borrow our neighbours for Logan to have a go on - glad we have good neighbours eh!

Any how, this year we're going to be prepared! So I've written a little list to share with you all about the things I think you'll need for this winter.

1. Snow Shovels x2 (and maybe one more just incase).
2. Sledge (for the kids ofcourse).
3. De-icer (a good few tins).
4. Salt (for outside your front door, don't want any accidents!).
5. Good pair of walking boots or wellies.
6. Stock up on tinned food such as beans and soup to keep you going through the tough days.
7. Oh and you could always buy bread and freeze it if you have enough room.
8. Keep a small snow shovel in the boot of your car incase you get stuck, along with a blanket, high visability vest, de-icer, some snacks etc.

I can't really think of much more at the moment but it would be great to see what other people would suggest to be prepared for winter this year? Anything important I've missed?

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