10 October 2011

Review: Morrck Splasha Towel

When Logan was a baby getting him out of the bath and dried off was easy. I would wrap him up in his little baby towel and snuggle him in to keep him warm. Now that he's a toddler his baby towels are getting too small and he's not being kept warm enough anymore, so it was time to invest in something better.

Luckily for Logan the lovely people at Morrck kindly asked if we would like to test and review their very nice Splasha towel. I jumped at the chance and eagerly awaited its delivery.

Morrck describe their Splasha towel as: " a super soft double sided towelling hooded wrap, perfect for the beach, swimming pool or after the bath." I couldn't agree more, infact it's magnificent! This towel is so easy and practical to use that the description on the website doesn't really do it justice. It's basically like a big jacket that you put on your child, very simple but ever so effective. This super fluffy soft towel has two poppers on the shoulder to help keep the towel in place whilst you dry your little one but there are a further three poppers down the side of the towel which are excellent to secure the towel whilst your little one runs around after a swim or after the bath. It's brilliant because it helps keep them warm but also helps to dry them off at the same time.

When we went away on holiday last month we used this towel almost every day for Logan. It came into it's own when we took him to the water park as when it was time to leave we stripped him off and wrapped him in the Splasha before putting him in his buggy. It dried him off and kept him warm whilst we walked back to the hotel. He must have found it comfortable as he fell asleep! It was also good to see that it was really easy to use in the buggy and kept Logan covered even though he was sitting down.

The Splasha is very easy to wash, I put it in with the colours at 40c and it's been totally fine, no colour staining or shrinkage. It retains it's super fluffiness without the annoyance of those pesky little stray fluff balls that stick to wet skin and I found that it dried quickly on my clothes horse so could be used the next day if needed. One feature which your child is sure to love is the little pouch at the front of the Splasha which can be used to keep all those little bits in they like to carry around. This too is closed with a popper.

The Morrck Splasha is made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester and there are two different colours to choose from. There is a Pink Spot or Blue Stripe which comes in three different sizes: XS (1-3 years), S (3-5 years) and M (5-7 years). You can purchase your very own Splasha from Morrck's online shop RRP £19.95.

Overall these are fantastic towels which are very practical and easy to use. They aren't cheap however they are brilliant quality and I use Logan's at bath time as well as when we go swimming so you'll get masses of use out of it. Perfect for a gift or to treat your child to when they grow out of their baby towel, I would highly recommend these to all parents with toddlers. You won't regret it!

Mummies rating - 10/10
Logan's rating - 10/10

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