5 October 2011

Review: Bobux Footwear

Having the right size and style of shoes for Logan is always something that has concerned me. His feet are always growing and I constantly worry if his shoes are getting too small, are they comfortable, easy to walk in etc and I'll never really know as Logan doesn't give much away but as long as he looks happy, his feet look good and he can walk quite the thing then I'm satisfied he has comfortable footwear.

We are always looking for something different when it comes to shoes so when the lovely people from Bobux offered us a pair of their i-walk shoes to test and review for them we were thrilled. Here is what we thought.
Well first things first, I really think you should read about the Bobux story. It's a good one I promise! "The first ever soft-soled elasticated leather baby shoe was created in 1991 by Bobux founder Chris Bennett, a father determined to create a shoe for his daughter Chloe that would not only stay on her foot but that would also be comfortable, safe and most importantly aid the growing foots natural development.

"We were losing the battle of the lost booty until we realised that by simply replacing laces with elastic, Chloe's shoes would stay on...A major feature for any parent who has spent hours searching for booties under the couch." says Chris. But now this family project was on a roll, Chris and Colleen made many more observations, in particular about how Chloe's footwear was hindering her transition from crawling to walking.

"She didn't like wearing hard-soled shoes so we did a bit of investigation and found a Danish study about the potential health benefits of flexible soft-sole shoes for babies and toddlers. Little feet are little feet for a reason: they're still developing.  It's crucial that shoes mould to the shape and allow natural motion of a baby or toddler's foot, All our shoes use the highest-grade eco-leather that is butter-soft ensuring babies and toddlers, not their shoes, are in control of their development."
A strong belief in innovation and the environment also play a significant role in the Bobux philosophy. Since the company started, Chris and his wife Colleen have not sat still, whether it is finding new ways to aid in children's walking development, or building a set of environmentally friendly principles. "We constantly strive to produce top quality shoes from sustainable materials, using non corrosive dyes and processes that minimise harm to the environment." said Chris.

 Bobux know that babies put everything in their mouths - shoes included, but safety is a primary concern at Bobux, so parents can be confident that all products are free of any toxic materials or harmful elements. Each shipment of leather goes through rigorous testing to meet the highest of safety standards. 20 years on and Bobux now distributes in 32 countries across the world."
Logan has been testing these Bobux shoes out for me for quite a while and we've had no problem at all with them which is great! We got a pair of the i-walk black nubuck desert boots and they're fab. They support his feet very well and also since we got the boots they're good at supporting his ankles too. The sole on these shoes are excellent too, what a grip they have on them and it's made up from lots of the little bobux name which is quite cute.

These shoes are easy to put on your child too, they have elastic instead of laces and a velcro strap to keep the shoes in place which is strudy and fastens well.

Bobux sell 3 different types of baby shoes. They have the soft sole, pre-walk and i-walk.

Soft Sole (indoor wear): The original Bobux shoe, these are soft, breathable and flexible shoes for babies of 0 to 27 months.  Made with eco-leather and non-toxic stitching and dyes.With a unique elastic ankle support, these Bobux originals works with little feet as they grip the floor, flex muscles and spread toes, assisting in crawling and making those first steps as easy as possible. The fun, colourful soft sole designs also work to stimulate little minds just as they're starting to take in visual information. It's like having a mobile on the end of their legs!

Pre-walk (outdoor wear): Feature a revolutionary duo-flex sole (leather round the edges and rubber underneath) to support but not restrict natural movement during those first few steps. The pre-walk range consists of sandals, ballet shoes and sport shoes.

i-walk (outdoor wear): A soft, flexible rubber-sole shoe with extra grip that conforms to the natural walking motion of little feet allowing them to grow and explore without restriction, avoiding malformation and spinal issues later in life. The i-walk range consists of sneakers, loafers, casual shoes and sandals.

You can purchase your very own Bobux shoes from www.bobux.co.uk prices start from around £11.98 in the sale. Grab a bargain whilst you can!

Overall these are fantastic shoes and definitely one of the better companies who actually care about your child's feet. I would highly recommend these shoes to all. The only big bug bare is that these shoes are quite expensive, some as much as £30, however you normally find that the best childrens shoes on the market have a price tag to go with them. Lets be honest though we all want the best for our children's feet.

Mummies rating - 10/10
Logan's rating - 10/10

Please visit www.bobux.co.uk for more products and information. You can also see what Bobux get up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

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