23 September 2011

Review: The Birthing Shirt Company

What will you be wearing during childbirth? It's a question I never really asked myself until the very last minute with only a week or so to go when I started to panic and rush around the shops hunting for a nightie that would be long enough to keep my modesty but also one that opened easily at my chest so I could breastfeed.

To be honest I did find a few cheap nighties however they just weren't long enough and they had buttons at the chest which were a nightmare to open with one hand when you have a screaming newborn to feed plus they were the most hideous colours! Bright pink and yellow don't look great when stretched by a massive bump or worn when looking a bit pale and washed out from labour. And last but not least they were just too thin to keep me feeling covered so I struggled through with the help of my dressing gown but as most of you will know with hospitals they are roasting hot so I sweated like a pig. Not a great experience.

So when the lovely people from The Birthing Shirt Company asked me if I would like to test and review one of their fab birthing shirts and headbands I jumped at the chance. And let me tell you these products are amazing!

First of all the birthing shirts are made using Bamboo, Organic Cotton and Spandex. Oh how soft they are, so smooth and gentle against your skin I so wish I had known about these when I was pregnant. One would have definitely been included in my hospital bag! The length of this birthing shirt is just perfect. It comes right down to your knees keeping you covered but you're still able to move around without feeling restricted and since it has spandex in it it's really really stretching so perfect for fitting over your ever growing bump during pregnancy.

One thing I really noticed about this birthing shirt is that it is very breathable. I've been wearing it as a nightie to test it out and my living room can become very warm sometimes at night with the heat from our tv and normally I'm sweating like mad in my night wear. However, I was pleased to find that I was the one who was cool and comfortable in my birthing shirt whilst my partner was the one who was still sweating.

This birthing shirt is more than just for labour really, you can use it whilst pregnant to keep you comfy at night and also after birth for breastfeeding or bonding with your newborn as is has handy poppers at the front so the shirt can open and close easily and without the fuss or attention that buttons create. The perfect breastfeeding product!

There are 3 available sizes to choose from; medium (10-12), large (14-16) and extra large (18-20) and the birthing shirt comes in a lovely midnight blue colour. You can purchase your very own from The Birthing Shirt Company's online shop RRP £35.99.

As for the headband it's just as fab. Very stretchy, easy to put on and it can also be used as a hair bobble to put your hair into a ponytail or just to keep it out of the way. Brilliant little thing and you can purchase these for RRP £3.39.

Overall 2 fantastic products and both I would highly recommend to all expecting mothers. This will be one of the best purchases you'll have ever made whilst expecting, I promise you that and I definitely know what I'll be wearing next time I'm giving birth!

Mummies rating - 10/10

Please visit www.thebirthingshirtcompany.com for more information. You can also see what The Birthing Shit Company get up to on facebook and twitter so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

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