25 August 2011

Review: Rainbow Chunkies Series 2

The new Rainbow Chunkies books are here, Series 2 of these lovely little books have been released and Logan has been lucky enough to receive a few from Award Publications to review.

As the name suggests these delightful little books are very colourful and a great chunky size for small hands. They are actually Foam Broad Books so light in weight which is easy for your child to hold and manoeuvre and are approximately 105x105mm, so handy for carrying in a change bag to keep your child occupied whilst out and about.

The suggested age for these books are from 0-3 years and there are 4 different books in the Series 2 collection to choose from. There are; things that go, animal babies, playtime fun and my clothes. Logan received the things that go and animal babies chunkies to review so what did he think? Well he really liked the colours and loved it when I made choo choo train noises as I read the things that go book to him. He was fascinated by the foam in the books and he is known for having a good chew on a book or two so I was a little worried he would destroy them. I let him play with the books and I read them to him but I didn't leave him for long enough to decide to chew on the book so they've managed to survive thus far! Logan also likes the bright vivid pictures and these books are something you can get quite involved in especially with the things that go and animal babies as you have to act out the noises each machine and animal makes.

I really think these books would make a great gift for a 1st Birthday or even for a newborn baby as they're very bright and colourful and with just one picture and one word on each page they are a perfect way to introduce your children to books.

Kim Hartley, Scotland Officer at the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists say "Speech and language is central to the way parents and children make a connection with one another. By talking to your child and responding to what they say and do, you are creating a bond with them that will last your whole life." I feel the best way to do this is by reading and discussing books with your children, it gives them something interesting to look at as well as listening to what you are reading them. I know some children will not sit still long enough for you to read them a book properly as Logan can be like that sometimes but every little does help!

So what are you waiting for? Get out and buy your child some of these great little books!

You can purchase your child some of these brilliant books for around RRP £4.99(each) from Amazon. You can also purchase the Series 1 books on Amazon and have the whole collection.

Overall a fantastic collection of books, lots of amazing bold colours, light weight and easy to hold and they will definitely hold your child's attention for a while. Logan really liked them and I like them too. Be careful that your child doesn't chew them though as I think they would get easily damaged if chewed. The price is ok and in line with most children's books and there's always a bargain to be had at some point so keep your eyes peeled on amazon.

Mummies rating - 8/10
Logan's rating - 9/10

Please visit www.awardpublications.co.uk for more products and information.

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Rebecca English on 26 August 2011 at 14:55 said...

Thses look good. Found your blog through blow your bloghorn. Now following wiht facebook

The Breastest News on 26 August 2011 at 20:15 said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, these really are great little books. Glad you found me through blow your own bloghorn :) And thanks for following.

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