20 July 2011

The Terrible Twos...

Well it seems that the terrible 2's have slowly but surely crept up on us and Logan is only 19 months old! I think it all started when Logan turned one last December. The signs of him becoming more independant were clear. He wanted to brush his own teeth, finger feed himself and play with his toys the way he wanted.

The trouble now is that because Logan can't talk and doesn't gesture to us either for what he wants we're kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place guessing his demands before a massive tantrum strikes. And it's not his fault, I feel like it's my fault for not taking him to baby sign language classes so he could get a grasp of language and atleast some gestures so that communication between us would be less stressful. Maybe baby sign language wouldn't have made a difference but atleast then I would feel like I had made the effort for my son instead of feeling like a failure.

My lovely neighbour took her daughter (Logan's little girlfriend) to baby sign language classes and I so wish I did too. Her daughter is coming on leaps and bounds, infact I think she'll be the next einstein, and it's always hard not to compare as they are both unique in their own way but I find myself comparing Logan to every child these days. It's probably just a paranoid parent thing...

Grumpy face!
I'm hoping he will be one of those children who secretly don't speak until they're 2 and then they come out with massive complicated sentences as if they've always spoken!

It's hard when Logan takes a massive tantrum. Hard not to laugh, because it can be funny at times, but also hard not to get frustrated as I sit and try to explain to him why I've said no or why I have taken a potentially dangerous object from him. Sometimes his tantrums get so bad there is no consoling him and he'll thrash around on the floor kicking everything within distance and screaming at anyone who'll listen. The only thing we can do, if we are in the house that is, is to put him in a safe place (normally his play pen) and leave him there for a minute to calm down. Sometimes he can be distracted from a tantrum but every now and again there's the big one and nothing anyone can do or say can make it better, infact it normally always makes things worse!

When the 'big one' strikes putting him in his play pen usually works to clam him down but it would be even better if we could avoid the tantrums altogether. I'm sure he'll improve with time but as many parents know tantrums are just a part of growing up, even when he begins to communicate he'll still want his own way in the end and if I say no a tantrum will follow!

So what are your tips for communicating with your children and avoiding tantrums? I'd love to know as I would love to put them into practice and see if it can help.

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