19 July 2011

Review: Beans Talk

The lovely people from Bee Cycle have kindly sent me a sample of their Beans Talk product to test and review for them. You might have noticed that the Beans Talk product was featured on my Father's Day Gift Guide a while back, so please read on to see what I thought.

What Bee Cycle say: "No soil, no watering, and no effort needed, the Beanstalk magically grows beans which pop up a special message to your surprised bewilderment."

First impressions were that the Beans Talk product was a lot bigger than I expected it to be! The sphere pod that is to conatin the bean is quite large so would take up a bit of space on a desk for example but not too much so that it gets annoying if you know what I mean. Inside the beans talk box you get a very good set of intructions which are clear to read and easy to understand so I had no problems in setting up the pod ready for my bean to grow and show me my message.

Bee Cycle even provide a handy how to video on YouTube just incase you get stuck which I thought was great (the music goes well don't you think).

These Beans Talk products comes with 1 Pod, 4 water bead packs and 4 magic beans and are suitable for everyone aged 6+. What are water beads I hear you say, well I'll let Bee Cycle explain: "Odourless and re-usable, the water beads are truly marvelous, it is an innovative and colourful substitute for soil. No Fuss, No Mess and Beautiful. By adding water, it expands up to 200x its original size, and provide all the water and support needed for your beans to root. Only one packet is needed to fill a whole beanstalk bowl!"

I'll let Bee Cycle explain what the magical beans are as well as they make them sound so much better than I do: "magical beans with messages and pictures etched into it which will continue to enlarge as the beans grow. Just plant the seed into the water beads and less than two weeks later, everyone will be astonished by the special messages, which say "BeansTALK" making the Beanstalk an ideal gift for all keen amateur gardeners."

So did my beans grow? Well no I'm afraid my little beans didn't gro, well I say they didn't however they grew a little bit but then they went mouldy which was a bit dissapointing. Maybe I was doing something wrong? Not giving them enough air or giving them too many water beads!! Who knows but the little beasts wouldn't grow for me. I've always had a habit of killing plants but killing them before they even grow just takes the biscuit! I'm sure you'll all have more luck than me though.

The Beans talk would make a great unique gift for anyone, from budding young gardeners to professional office types this product is sure brighten their day.

You can purchase your very own Beans Talk from the Eden Project, Edinburgh Zoo and Not On The High Street RRP £12.99.

Overall a quirky little unique product which I quite like however my poor beans didn't grow which left me feeling a bit disappointed. The price isn't too bad considering the size of the product and that you get 4 packs of beads and 4 beans to go with it so you can use it a few times. One little thing though is that I couldn't find anywhere that would sell extra beans or beads when you run out so that may be something Bee Cycle need to work on!

Mummies rating - 6/10

Please visit www.beecyle.co.uk for more products and information. You can also see what Bee Cycle get up to on Facebook and Twitter so pop over and say hello some time. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you!

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