24 July 2011

Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

21 July 2011

Guest Post: Do We Need More Male Childcare Staff?

The lovely Emma from Mellow Mummy has kindly sent in her guest post for the Brit Mums guest post match up! She's here to talk to us about male childcare staff - where are they and why are there so few? Read on to see what Emma has to say.

My two year old has been at nursery on an almost-full-time basis for 6 months. Before that she spent 4 days a week with two childminders. It wasn't until this week that it suddenly occurred to me that every single member of staff at my daughter's nursery is female (including back office staff).

This worries me. I'm sure it worries me more than most because I am a female who quite honestly prefers the company of males. I work in a team of only males – my career choice dictates that. As far back as I can remember, perhaps even as far as 3 years old, my closest friends have always been male. And I guess that's why it concerns me that Lara has little contact with adult males other than her own father and her two grandfathers.

Does it worry you that your children, from a young age, are brought up in a world where the people of authority are ordinarily female? Or does it comfort you?

In pre-school childcare I have found it very unusual to see any male staff. I can understand that it might not be the most appealing choice of career for many young men but my husband suggests that the reason is not the lack of interest from male staff, but more the lack of enthusiasm from parents themselves. My husband strongly believes that most parents (male or female) would feel uncomfortable leaving their child at nursery with a male member of staff, or a male childminder.

Is that really true?

In the UK there are plenty of male school teachers (admittedly far fewer than female teachers, especially at primary school level). Do parents feel the same fear dropping their child at school?

Where does the fear come from?

Is the fear of male childcare staff born from the lack of males in the profession? If there were more male staff, would people be more open to the idea? Perhaps the expectation is on female childcare staff because traditionally mums would stay at home to nurse their children and therefore female childcare is considered more 'natural'? In a world where mums and dads are increasingly sharing the responsibility for childcare, is this still a valid stereotype?

For me, I know I would love it if Lara had the chance to spend time with more male staff who had been through the same rigorous governmental checks and training that her current nursery staff have.

20 July 2011

The Terrible Twos...

Well it seems that the terrible 2's have slowly but surely crept up on us and Logan is only 19 months old! I think it all started when Logan turned one last December. The signs of him becoming more independant were clear. He wanted to brush his own teeth, finger feed himself and play with his toys the way he wanted.

The trouble now is that because Logan can't talk and doesn't gesture to us either for what he wants we're kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place guessing his demands before a massive tantrum strikes. And it's not his fault, I feel like it's my fault for not taking him to baby sign language classes so he could get a grasp of language and atleast some gestures so that communication between us would be less stressful. Maybe baby sign language wouldn't have made a difference but atleast then I would feel like I had made the effort for my son instead of feeling like a failure.

My lovely neighbour took her daughter (Logan's little girlfriend) to baby sign language classes and I so wish I did too. Her daughter is coming on leaps and bounds, infact I think she'll be the next einstein, and it's always hard not to compare as they are both unique in their own way but I find myself comparing Logan to every child these days. It's probably just a paranoid parent thing...

Grumpy face!
I'm hoping he will be one of those children who secretly don't speak until they're 2 and then they come out with massive complicated sentences as if they've always spoken!

It's hard when Logan takes a massive tantrum. Hard not to laugh, because it can be funny at times, but also hard not to get frustrated as I sit and try to explain to him why I've said no or why I have taken a potentially dangerous object from him. Sometimes his tantrums get so bad there is no consoling him and he'll thrash around on the floor kicking everything within distance and screaming at anyone who'll listen. The only thing we can do, if we are in the house that is, is to put him in a safe place (normally his play pen) and leave him there for a minute to calm down. Sometimes he can be distracted from a tantrum but every now and again there's the big one and nothing anyone can do or say can make it better, infact it normally always makes things worse!

When the 'big one' strikes putting him in his play pen usually works to clam him down but it would be even better if we could avoid the tantrums altogether. I'm sure he'll improve with time but as many parents know tantrums are just a part of growing up, even when he begins to communicate he'll still want his own way in the end and if I say no a tantrum will follow!

So what are your tips for communicating with your children and avoiding tantrums? I'd love to know as I would love to put them into practice and see if it can help.

19 July 2011

Review: Tiny Toms Shoes

The very generous people from Toms have sent Logan a pair of their fab new Tiny Toms Shoes to test and review. There were so many designs to choose from but in the end we went for the very cool elephant print shoes. Read on to see what we thought.

The first thing that stricks you about Toms is their mission statement: "With every pair you purchase, Toms will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One." What a brilliant thing for a company to do! A very generous act to say the least and Toms have been at it for over 4 years now. So where did it all begin? In 2006, American traveller Blake Mycoskie befriended children in a village in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created Toms Shoes, a company that would macth every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of shoes given to a child in need. One for One. Toms Shoes has now given over 1Million pairs of shoes to children in need around the world, helping to prevent diseases and get kids into education.

That's all great isn't it but children grow out of shoes quickly so Toms have strived to set up sustainable giving partnerships to keep giving whenever possible so children are kept in shoes as they grow. Toms also only make shoes to order so that no shoes go to waste. It takes around 4-6 months from your purchase before a child in need gets their shoes.

Toms produce their shoes in three different countries; Argentina, Ethiopia and China. You'll be pleased to know that all their factories are AAA rated and third party audited to ensure they employ no child labour and pay fair wages. Toms currently give in 23 countries and I'm sure that number will be growing every year.

Toms shoes are launching their new Tiny Toms and Youth Toms collection into the UK for this Summer, offering shoes for toddlers up to teenagers. There's every design in their range from cute classics in glitter or camouflage patterns, as well as a range inspired by the dramatic and visually engaging artwork, photograpgy, and animal drawings by British photojournalist Dan Eldon taken from his childhood and teenage years spent in Africa.

So what did we think of the shoes? Well we love them. They are very cute little canvas type shoes, soft, comfortable and oh so stylish. They are very well made and we couldn't find any flaws. The soles on these shoes are brilliant, nice and thick I can see them lasting a good while. Logan found them very easy to walk in and the patterns certainly drew his interest. They fasten using a velcro strap so perfect for a quick slip on if your child is having a 'moment'! The only thing I could see being a problem is they might get dirty quicker as they are canvas material but I'm sure they would wipe clean with a little elbow grease.

You can purchase your very own pair of Tiny Toms for your little one from Toms online shop RRP from £24.00.

Overall amazing shoes and an even more amazing company! Highly recommend you purchase, cheaper than Clarks and Toms also give a pair of shoes to a child in need so you're doing your bit. Tons of different designs to choose from and they even do shoes for adults as well. Logan loves his Tiny Toms and I'm sure we'll be purchasing another pair soon.

Mummies rating - 10/10
Logan rating - 10/10

Please visit www.tomsshoes.co.uk for more products and information. You can also see what Toms get up to on Twitter and Facebook so please pop over and say Hello. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

Review: Beans Talk

The lovely people from Bee Cycle have kindly sent me a sample of their Beans Talk product to test and review for them. You might have noticed that the Beans Talk product was featured on my Father's Day Gift Guide a while back, so please read on to see what I thought.

What Bee Cycle say: "No soil, no watering, and no effort needed, the Beanstalk magically grows beans which pop up a special message to your surprised bewilderment."

First impressions were that the Beans Talk product was a lot bigger than I expected it to be! The sphere pod that is to conatin the bean is quite large so would take up a bit of space on a desk for example but not too much so that it gets annoying if you know what I mean. Inside the beans talk box you get a very good set of intructions which are clear to read and easy to understand so I had no problems in setting up the pod ready for my bean to grow and show me my message.

Bee Cycle even provide a handy how to video on YouTube just incase you get stuck which I thought was great (the music goes well don't you think).

These Beans Talk products comes with 1 Pod, 4 water bead packs and 4 magic beans and are suitable for everyone aged 6+. What are water beads I hear you say, well I'll let Bee Cycle explain: "Odourless and re-usable, the water beads are truly marvelous, it is an innovative and colourful substitute for soil. No Fuss, No Mess and Beautiful. By adding water, it expands up to 200x its original size, and provide all the water and support needed for your beans to root. Only one packet is needed to fill a whole beanstalk bowl!"

I'll let Bee Cycle explain what the magical beans are as well as they make them sound so much better than I do: "magical beans with messages and pictures etched into it which will continue to enlarge as the beans grow. Just plant the seed into the water beads and less than two weeks later, everyone will be astonished by the special messages, which say "BeansTALK" making the Beanstalk an ideal gift for all keen amateur gardeners."

So did my beans grow? Well no I'm afraid my little beans didn't gro, well I say they didn't however they grew a little bit but then they went mouldy which was a bit dissapointing. Maybe I was doing something wrong? Not giving them enough air or giving them too many water beads!! Who knows but the little beasts wouldn't grow for me. I've always had a habit of killing plants but killing them before they even grow just takes the biscuit! I'm sure you'll all have more luck than me though.

The Beans talk would make a great unique gift for anyone, from budding young gardeners to professional office types this product is sure brighten their day.

You can purchase your very own Beans Talk from the Eden Project, Edinburgh Zoo and Not On The High Street RRP £12.99.

Overall a quirky little unique product which I quite like however my poor beans didn't grow which left me feeling a bit disappointed. The price isn't too bad considering the size of the product and that you get 4 packs of beads and 4 beans to go with it so you can use it a few times. One little thing though is that I couldn't find anywhere that would sell extra beans or beads when you run out so that may be something Bee Cycle need to work on!

Mummies rating - 6/10

Please visit www.beecyle.co.uk for more products and information. You can also see what Bee Cycle get up to on Facebook and Twitter so pop over and say hello some time. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you!

17 July 2011

Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

Review: Hipp Organic Fruit Pouches

Logan is a massive fan of fruit and even more so of pureed fruit so when the lovely Hipp people asked if he would like to try their new fruit pouches I bite their hand off (not literally ofcourse). Here is what Logan and I thought.

What Hipp say: "Suitable from 4 months, our 100% fruit pouches are made with the finest organic fruit picked at the peak of ripeness and contain no added sugar, plus each one contains up to two fruit portions for a baby. The handy resealable format means your little one can enjoy them whether you are at home or on-the-go."

There are four tasty flavours to choose from in this range which are; peach, apply, blueberry & raspberry, mango, apple & peach, banana, pear & mango and last but not least apple, strawberry & banana. We were lucky enough to be sent a sample of each and boy did Logan love them. At one point my other half wasn't feeding Logan fast enough and he began to cry! Just shows you how much he liked them - all flavours.

The fruit pouches are all 100g in weight so plenty of fruit in there and you can feed it to your baby as it is or why not mix it into their morning porridge to add a fruity twist. You'll be please to know (and this is a big list) that these pouches are free from GM ingredients, preservatives, milk, soya, wheat, egg, gluten, nuts and are suitable for vegans and vegitarians. So brilliant for everyone really! Especially babies who may be pron to allergies or do actually have allergies.

So what are the ingredients in each pouch?

Peach, Apple, Blueberry & Raspberry (equates to 1 portion of fruit) : Organic fruit (100%) [apple (73%), peach (16%), blueberry (6%), raspberry (5%)], antioxidant ascorbic acid. All ingredients are organic, unless stated.

Mango, Apple & Peach (equates to 2 portions of fruit): Organic fruit (100%) [apple (60%), mango (25%), peach (15%)], antioxidant ascorbic acid. All ingredients are organic, unless stated.

Banana, Pear & Mango (equates to 2 portions of fruit): Organic fruit (100%) [banana (52%), pear (30%), mango (15%), lemon juice from lemon juice concentrate], antioxidant ascorbic acid. All ingredients are organic, unless stated.

Apple, Strawberry & Banana (equates to 2 portions of fruit): Organic fruit (100%) [apple (60%), strawberry (20%), banana (20%)], antioxidant ascorbic acid. All ingredients are organic, unless stated.

So from the looks of it all it's basically 100% fruit that is conatined within these pouches. That's really refreshing to see and know that your baby is only getting the best, also organic!

What is great about these pouches apart from the tasty fruit is that they don't take up much room if you go out and about and they can squeeze into the smallest of spaces. They have a handy screw top as well so if your baby doesn't finish the whole pouch you can simply pop the top back on and away you go, no mess.

You can purchase these pouches of fruity goodness from Boots, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Hipp's very own online shop. You can get 10 x 100g pouches for £9.90 online from Hipp.

Overall we love these amazing fruit pouches and would highly recommend them to all mums who'd love to try their baby on their first fruit or for mums who's children are addicted to fruit like my son.

Mummies rating - 10/10
Logan's rating - 10/10

Please visit www.hipp.co.uk for more products and information. You can also see what Hipp get up to on Facebook and Twitter so hop on over and say hello. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you!

Review: My Munchkin Organic Bathrobe

Bath times in our household are full of fun and laughter. We love to have soft fluffy towels and soft snuggley bathrobes to wrap ourselves in afterwards so we were delighted when Logan was offered the chance to try out the very cute My Munchkin Bathrobe. I snapped up the offer to review this delightful garment so read on to hear what we thought.

The My Munchkin Bathrobe is made from 100% pure organic cotton which gives it a soft luxury feel against your skin. There are two different designs to choose from, you can either have the brown bear footprints embroided onto the right side of the bathrobe or quirky green frog footprints. Both would suit a boy or a girl as the bathrobe is white in colour.

The bathrobe has a belt which is fully sewn onto the back to make sure your child does not trip over it whilst playing or does not lose it when running around the house. Brilliant safety feature really. It also has two little pockets on each side at the front to keep some small toys in if desired and a large hood to keep their precious little heads snug and warm.

Logan really likes his munchkin bathrobe with the bear footprints, he found them really interesting. He liked putting the bathrobe on too and would happily run around the house in it on a cool night. I like the bathrobe because it keeps Logan warm but also washes brilliantly. It says to wash with similar colours which is just common sense but I threw it in beside jeans and darker colours and it washed just fine. No staining or anything and it also stayed soft and fluffy when it had finished drying.

This bathrobe is suitable for 12-36 month olds and you can purchase your very own from My Munchkin's online shop for RRP £29.99.

Overall a great little bathrobe, 100% organic cotton, very soft on your child's skin, easy to wash and it should last them a long time however the price is a bit off putting as it is rather on the more expensive side. Although it is organic cotton so you get what you pay for.

Mummies rating - 8.5/10
Logan's rating - 9/10

Please visit www.mymunchkin.co.uk for more products and information. You can also see what My Munchkin get up to on Facebook and Twitter so please pop over and say hello, I'm sure they'll be more than happy to see you. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you!

15 July 2011

Born Free Silicone Teether Giveaway

It's time for another brilliant giveaway folks! It's only fair that I reward my readers with fab fun giveaways these days so have a nosey at this beauty and keep a beady eye out for more great giveaways in the next coming weeks.

So what do we have to offer this time? Well you may remember my review of the Bornfree Teether. Yes you guessed it, we have 2 lovely Teethers from the very generous Bornfree to giveaway. One Pink and One Blue!

So I hear you say, how do I enter this competition? Well my lovelies, follow the short steps below to be in with a chance of winning one of these very handy teethers.

To be in with a chance of winning:
(You do not have to complete all 4 steps but if you would like to enter please leave a comment and an email address/ twitter ID so that I can contact you if you win, thank you)

1. Follow this blog (or tell me you already are).
2. Follow @BreatestNews and @BabyBornFreeUK on Twitter (or tell me you already are) and tweet ' I want to win a (blue or pink) teether with @BreastestNews and @BabyBornFreeUK '
3. Follow The Breastest News Blog on Facebook (or tell me you already are) and Follow BabyBornFreeUK on Facebook telling them 'The Breastest News Blog sent me'
4. Then leave a separate comment here for each step you complete telling me which methods of entry you have chosen. Extra entries will be given to those who complete all 4 steps.
Remember to tell me which colour of Teether you would like to win!

This is a UK only giveaway, closing date is 31st July 2011 at 12 noon.

Winner will be chosen using Random.org

Good Luck everyone!!

Review: Hauck Lady Changing Bag

The lovely people from Hauck have kindly sent me one of their Lady changing bags to test and review for them. They come in a large range of colours and I was sent the Navy Blue bag to try out. Here is what I thought.

My first impression was that the changing bag was a lot bigger than I thought it would be, which was great as Logan has a ton of stuff I have to ferry about with us when we go out! The colour is actually cute nice too even if a little plain but then this bag has a purpose it's not meant to be super fashionable, more sleak and quietly confident.

The Lady changing bag has a large pocket which covers one side of the bag and is fastened using velcro. This is quite good for storing your baby wipes as the pocket is easy to get into and fast. At either side of the bag there is two open pockets that are elasticated which can be used for holding your child's bottles, cups and beakers or some small toys etc. It has an integrated changing pad too which is big enough and plump enough to support your baby whilst changing his nappy.

The main compartment of the bag is accessed via a zip which I like very much as this keeps everything contained so no panicking anything will fall out unlike the other changing bag I have. Inside the changing bag there are two handy little zip pockets which can be removed as they are fastened with velcro to the side so handy for keeping things like nappy cream, hand gels etc although I do think these pockets could be a little bigger so you can get more in them.

The bag also has an easy to use adjustable strap which is good for when you would rather put the changing bag onto the buggy and you don't want it to drag on the floor. Myself and my other half really like this changing bag, although it's called the 'lady' it is more than fitting for any gentleman and my other half doesn't look feminine carrying it around when he has Logan so big thumbs up from Daddy there.

It has plenty of space for all of Logan's things but the only little niggle is that the inside of the bag is black so it's a bit hard to see where all your stuff is if you don't have great lighting. It would have been better if the inside of the bag was white or a lighter shade of blue but apart from that this bag is great.

The bag comes in 5 different colours; Navy Blue, Light Blue, Beige, Brown and Black. Very simple straight forward colours but that's all you need in a changing bag. The purpose of this is more important.

You can purchase your very own Hauck Lady Changing Bag for RRP £27.99 from places like Tesco and Kiddicare.

Overall a great simple changing bag and one that won't break the bank to buy it. Easy to use, plenty of space and comfortable to carry around and wear. The only little niggle was the colour of the bag inside because it didn't give enough light to see what was in the bag but I'm sure that can be fixed in time.

Mummies rating - 8/10
Other half's rating - 8/10

Please visit www.hauckuk.com for more products and information. You can also pay Hauck a visit on Twitter and Facebook. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you!

8 July 2011

Review: Chocolate Fish & Chips

I know exactly what you are thinking - chocolate fish and chips! Rubbish. Well it's not… you see the lovely people from Not On The High Street have kindly sent me one of their amazing products to test and review and this happened to be the scrummy gourmet Chocolate Fish & Chips handmade by Gorvett & Stone.

You may have noticed the Chocolate Fish & Chips got a mention in my Father's Day Gift Guide a few weeks ago, well here is what my other half and I thought of it.

From the photos on the 'not on the high street' website you would think the chocolate fish and chips would just be a little tidily present not big enough to feed your cat, WRONG! It's massive and it's just not what I expected at all. The chips which are made of white chocolate are huge and you get a good handful and the fish itself (made of milk chocolate), well lets just say it'll take you a few days to get through it. As you can tell I was very impressed and the presentation was very inventive. They come in their own little impression newspaper basket wrapped in clear cello with a deep blue bow tied around the top to finish it off. Beautifully presented and something I would be proud to give as a unique gift.

I showed this to my father-in-law who is an avid fisherman and his reaction was brilliant, he loved it to pieces and I'm sure he was secretly jealous he was not getting it as a present for father's day! Maybe next year…

So onto the actual taste of the chocolate. What can I say, it's rich and moorish but not sickly which is definitely appreciated since you get a ton of chocolate in this gift. My other half really liked the taste too and found it lovely and silky if you know what I mean. Basically a delicious gourmet chocolate and one that doesn't make you feel ill after eating a bit too much. All the chocolate is made from Valrhona chocolate.

"Valrhona is a French chocolate manufacturer based in the small town of Tain-l'Hermitage in Hermitage, a wine-growing district near Lyon. The company was founded in 1922 by a French pastry chef, Alberic Guironnet, from the Rhone valley and has five subsidiaries and 60 local distributors across the globe. The company also maintains the École du Grand Chocolat, a school for professional chefs with a focus on chocolate-based dishes and pastries."

You can purchase your very own Chocolate Fish & Chips from www.notonthehighstreet.com for £18.00 plus £2.95 delivery.

Overall a brilliant gift, something very unique and quirky compared to your normal box of choccies. Kids and adults alike will love this especially if they like fish or are into fishing. The only small issue I have is the price, more on the expensive side however you do get a good helping and it is luxury after all. So you get what you pay for really.

Mummies rating - 8.5/10
Other half's rating - 8/10

Please visit www.notonthehighstreet.com for more information and amazing products. They have tons of stuff for all occasions and since it's 'not on the high street' you know it'll be unique. You can also see what Not On The High Street get up to on Twitter and Facebook so hop on over and tell them The Breastest News sent you!

6 July 2011

Review: Cars 2 Card Games

The lovely people from Cartamundi have kindly sent me two of their new Card Games for the new Disney Cars 2 film which is out this summer. Since Logan was a little young to help me review these card games I had to rope in the help of the lucky other half, oh what fun we had! It really was a good giggle I assure you. We were sent the Happy Families card game and Mega Memo 4 in 1 card game to review. Here is what we thought.

What they say; "As 'Cars 2' drives through cinema screens this summer, Cartamundi bursts into pole position with the release of its Disney Cars 2 Card Games. Rookie racers can enjoy hours of revved up holiday fun with Lightning McQueen, Mater and friends."

Cars 2 Happy Families Game
So first and foremost, how do you play the game? Well each card has their own symbol at the top left and bottom right of the card which has a letter and a number. The letters go through A - H and the numbers go from 1 - 4 in each set so for example you would have A1, A2, A3, A4 then B1, B2, B3, B4 all the way through to H and there are 8 families of cards (hence letters A - H) so that's 32 cards altogether. To help identify the families easily for children each family feature the same letter, the same colour and the same character, so pretty simple really when you have the cards in your hand to look at.

The object of the game is to collect as many families as possible so that is why it is recommended for 2 or more players as it's a competative game. So you deal out all the cards making sure that each player has an equal number of cards each. The dealer starts the game by asking another player for a card needed to complete a family. If the other player has the card he must give it to the person asking for it. The player can continue asking for cards until they make a mistake i.e. the other player doesn't have the card or they ask for the same card twice etc. When a mistake is made the player who was asked for cards takes their turn to request cards. That player can retake the cards taken from them in the previous round if they want to. When a player gathers a family they must put the 4 cards face down on the table in front of them. The player who collects the most sets wins!!

Pretty straight forward really and something really similar to a game we would have all played with a normal deck of cards, only with this deck of cards it makes it far more interesting for kids. My other half had a little giggle playing this, but enjoyed it as we spent time together. It would be a great game to get the kids minds thinking and keep them away from the TV! Excellent for taking on holiday as they are small and neatly packed in a little cardboard box so easy enough to slip into your handbag or your childs rucksack.

This Happy Families card game is recommended for kids who are 4+ and retails for £3.99.

Mega Memo Games
The Mega Memo pack contains 4 card games in 1 so more bang for your buck! These games are Pairs, Donkey, Mega Memo & Puzzle.

The pairs game is simple and straight forward everyone understands it and played it when they were little. The Donkey game should ring a bell too. Using the cards used for the Pairs game, select a pair and designate one of the cards as the 'donkey' card, its' pair is then put aside as it won't be used, only the one is needed. The object of this game is to not have the 'donkey' card in your hand at the end of the game. So after shuffling the cards deal them out to everyone in a clockwise direction. Everyone should then look at their cards and match up all the pairs, these are then put into the centre of the table as they match. When all the pairs have been removed the player to the left of the dealer should arrange their cards in a fan shape showing only the back of the cards to the next player (or the dealer if only 2 people are playing) and that person should pick a card, if that card makes a pair then those cards should be placed in the pile beside the rest of the pairs. If the player can't make a pair they must keep the card and continue the game by offering their cards to the next player always working clockwise. When a player has no cards left they are 'saved' and stop playing. The player who has the 'donkey' card in his hand at the end of the game is the loser - simple as pees!

Both the pairs and donkey game are recommended for kids aged 3+.

The mega memo game is all about learning to recognise pictures. You use the small cards which are used for pairs and donkey game but you also use the larger cards in this game as well. You basically dish out the small cards so that each player has one of each card, then the players spread these cards out facing up so you can see what picture is on it. The big cards are then placed in the table, puzzle up, so that the players cannot see the pictures on the other side.You then turn over the big cards so that the players can see the pictures and who ever puts the pictures together the fastest to match the big card wins, the players have to shout stop when they're finished. If they did it the fastest and the picture is correct they get to keep the big card, if it is wrong the big card goes back under the pile. The game continues till all large cards are gone and the winner is the player with the most large cards. This is quite a fast and furious game and one that is really fun to play but it is recommend for children aged 5+.

The puzzle game is straight forward as well, the large cards have a piece of puzzle on the back of them and you have to match them up to create the bigger picture. All very easy and fun to do, it will keep the kids busy as they have to use the puzzle pieces as clues as all the cards are smooth and don't click together like a normal jigsaw puzzle. Recommend for ages 3+.

The Mega Memo 4 in 1 games pack retails at £4.99.

Both the Happy Families Game and Mega Memo game come with instructions so you will always have them to refer to if you get stuck or forget what you're doing. And as well as the above mentioned card games Cartamundi have also released the Cars 2 Happy Families Game in a nifty metal box (RRP £6.99), Pairs & Donkey Game on their own (RRP £2.99) and the Cars 2 Gift Set (RRP £12.99).

Overall I would highly recommend the Mega Memo 4 in 1 games pack, lots of games for your money and well worth the purchase. Will keep the kids busy for ages and spurs that little competative edge all in the name of good fun ofcourse. Easy to use in the house on a rainy day or take on holiday with you for family fun. I feel the Happy Families game is a little pricey at £3.99 considering the mega memo game have 4 games for £4.99 but you can make up your own mind on that.

Mummies rating - 8.5/10
Other half's rating - 8/10

You can see Cars 2 in cinemas from 22nd July. Cars2 Card Games are available from all good toy retailers. For further information visit www.cartamundi.co.uk or Tel: 01268 511522.

3 July 2011

Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

Bumper Breastfeeding Giveaway WINNER

Bumper Breastfeeding Giveaway WINNER

The time has now come to announce the winner of the lovely Bumper Breastfeeding Giveaway!!

Drum roll please............

The winner of the lovely Bumper Breastfeeding Giveaway chosen by random.org is...



Please email me with the following details and I will have your prizes sent out:

Home Address:

Thanks to everyone who entered, it is very much appreciated.
Please keep an eye out for lots more giveaways coming soon!


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