23 June 2011

Review: EZ Fort

The lovely people from Map Toys have kindly sent Logan their EZ Fort toy to test and review for them. Logan loves to play hide and seek so I thought this would be the perfect toy to build him a den to hide in. Here is what we thought.

Map Toys say: "From the creators of TOOBEEZ, comes the EZ-FORT, 54 piece framework building system. With all the safe, hardwearing fun of it’s bigger brother, EZ-FORT is the perfect size for smaller spaces whether in the house or the garden. Colour coded lengths of robust polycarbonate tube push into the precision engineered connecting spheres to create a vast array of structures."

The EZ Fort comes in a handy cardboard carry box which has a handle on it so perfect for children to take along to their friends or into school on a play day. The box is very brightly coloured and Logan got really excited when I brought it through to our livingroom to play with. He sat patiently on the floor right beside the box waiting for me to open it and oh what a ball he had playing away with the polycarbonate tubes and connecting spheres.
The other half helped Logan build a tent and we threw a spare bed sheet over it so it was like a proper little tent and he loved it. Logan would crawl in and out of it and scream with delight when we played cheek-a-boo with him. He really thought it was great and we all spent ages playing away.

This building toy is designed for children aged 3 - 7 but Logan is only 19 months old and he still loved it. I don't think he got the concept as well as maybe a 3 year old would as he kept trying to destroy the structure but we had fun all the same.

The only real problem we had like I said was Logan trying to destory anything we built after a while and it was very easy for him to do as the tubes were easy to pull from the spheres without any energy required. Ofcourse Logan thought this was hilarious when we gave him a telling off for it and would do it all the more! So if one improvement could be made it would be that the tubes need to fit a bit more snuggly into the spheres so it requires a bit more effort to pull them out. I'm sure Logan will stop this as he gets older though.

You can purchase your very own EZ Fort from Amazon for £39.89 plus free delivery.

Overall a lovely toy that I'm sure will capture your childs imagination. Easy to put up and put away but too easy for toddlers to pull down so maybe best sticking to purchasing for 3 - 7 year olds. Brilliant fun though and something which I would recommend.

Logan's rating - 8/10
Mummies rating - 7/10

Please visit www.maptoys.co.uk for more products and information.

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