9 June 2011

Review: BuggyTug Wrist Strap

The lovely people from BuggyTug have sent us one of their ingenious BuggyTug wrist straps to test and review for them. Here is what we thought.

What BuggyTug say: "BuggyTug is the UK’s first pram wrist strap and is designed to ensure that should you take your hands off the pram that it won’t go rolling away from you. It’s made of neoprene which makes it really comfy and every BuggyTug is safety tested so you can be sure it won’t let you down in your hour of need."

Our BuggyTug wrist strap arrived and we were quite excited to see it in the flesh. The packaging is simple and sleek and mostly consists of cardboard which can be recycled with only a tiny little piece of plastic so still very environmentally friendly. The BuggyTug wrist strap itself is very nice and well stitched together, it definitely gives the impression of safety and strength. The material is flexible and stretchy with a good length as to allow the wearer to feel comfortable but also know that their pram/ buggy is secure and going no where.

I tested the BuggyTug quite rigorously to see how much pulling it could really take and it's so well made it didn't break or even over stretch! It's shape has been maintained so I'm very impressed with this product.

The BuggyTug wrist strap is great for a number of different uses from parents who live on a slight hill, to city dwellers who have to dodge the busy traffic and also rural families who might live near rivers etc. Infact it comes into it's own in so many different scenarios it really does pay to have a BuggyTug for all occasions for that extra safety feature and your peace of mind. I so wish we had this wrist strap over winter as the pavements were iced so badly that we were afraid to take our buggy out incase we slipped and it went flying down the hill with our poor son in it!

This BuggyTug wrist strap would make the perfect gift for a newborn baby or someone from work going on maternity leave as it's more of an unusual gift and something which I think will be very much appreciated. I wish I received one of these when Logan was born. It also shows how much thought you've put into a gift as well instead of the normal bundle of clothes (although these are still nice!).

You can purchase your very own BuggyTug wrist strap from BuggyTug's own online shop for RRP £3.99 (plus £2.00 P&P) or you can purchase from the following retailers; JoJo Maman Bebe, Baby Loves Shopping, Baby Lady & Practical Pushchairs.

Overall this is a brilliant product, very well made and an excellent price we're struggling to find any faults with it! The only little thing really is that it can only be used on single handle buggies and prams as it would come off one with a double handle that has a gap in the middle. I really think this is something every parent should have as it's an extra safety measure to protect your little one and I think we've all seen the video of the woman who loses her buggy (with child in) on the train platform!! Very scary but luckily the child was unharmed.

Mummies rating - 10/10
Other Half's rating - 9.5/10

Please visit www.buggytug.com for more information. You can also see what BuggyTug get up to on facebook and twitter. Why not pop over and tell them The Breastest News sent you!

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