23 June 2011

Help Aid Your Breastfeeding Journey!

So you want to Breastfeed? But what sort of products can you buy that will help breastfeeding run smoothly? Well you've come to the right place! I've pulled together a list of lovely breastfeeding products that will help you in your quest to Breastfeed. Read on for details.

Widgey Nursing Pillow
These little beauties are excellent for helping support your baby or arm whilst breastfeeding makin it more comfortable and they can also be used as a baby nest to help support your baby when they begin to sit up. RRP £29.95 and you can choose from 6 different designs. www.widgey.com

What an excellent product these are! Reusable non-absorbant breast pads that adhere to you and not your bra. They can be worn without a bra, under your swimming costume, under a strappy dress or even under white clothes. RRP £14.99 for the pads or RRP £24.99 for the starter pack. www.simplylily.co.uk

Emma-Jane Nursing Bras
Luxury comfortable nursing bras brilliant for discreet and easy feeding. I really do recommend a nursing bra when breastfeeding, it made my life so much easier and they lasted ages. I still have them ready for the next baby! Prices range visit www.emma-jane.com for more info.

GumiGem Teething Necklaces
Although these are teething necklaces they are brilliant for baby to play with whilst breastfeeding and it stops them from pulling on your clothes, hair and expensive jewellery! This would have come in so handy when I was breastfeeding Logan, so wish I had discovered these back then. RRP £12.50 - www.gumigem.co.uk

MAM Breast Pump & Nipple Shields
If you're looking to breastfeed you may also want to express milk if you want a little rest or if you would like someone else to care for your baby if you're going out or just to give the father a chance to bond whilst feeding his little one too. This lovely MAM manual breast pump (RRP £35.75) will help you do just that. Also incase your nipples get a little bit sore you might want to invest in these nipple shields from MAM (RRP £6.12). www.mambaby.com

Breastfeeding Dress
These gorgeous breastfeeding dresses from Mummy Looks Fab are the perfect summer dress and their most popular and you can see why! Perfect for looking fab and still being about to feed your little one RRP £50.00 (each) www.mummylooksfab.co.uk

An ingenious little vest that sits under your breasts to cover up your tummy whilst breastfeeding. I love this vest and have reviewed it myself so can definitely vouch for it. No one likes to show their post mummy tummy so I would invest in these if you can. RRP £15.00 www.breastvest.co.uk

Breastfeeding Reminder Bracelet

Extremely handing for remembering which breast to feed your baby on next. Simply swap this gorgeous bracelet from mamajewels from wrist to wrist so you know that whatever wrist this bracelet is on is the side you next feed your baby on, simples! Prices range so please visit www.mamajewels.co.uk for more info and products.

Breastfeeding Clothes
For some very stylish dedicated breastfeeding clothes you need to visit Peaks of London. They have some fab items to help you breastfeed discreetly and also look amazing. www.peaksoflondon.com

So there you have it. Some totally fab breastfeeding products, I'm sure you'll agree, to help aid you in your breastfeeding journey. I really hope you have found this useful, I wish there was something like this available when I was breastfeeding as I hadn't a clue!

3 comments on "Help Aid Your Breastfeeding Journey!"

Mummy Zen on 24 June 2011 at 14:24 said...

Great suggestions! I always found clothing particularly tricky but as you've pointed out, there are some good places out there who cater to breastfeeding mums.

The Breastest News on 24 June 2011 at 21:42 said...

Thanks for your comments. Yes I found clothing rather tricky too but there seems to be so much more available now, people are really catching on to the breastfeeding mother market.

I like the breastvest, great little invention and something that you can use every day.

lilypadz nursing pads on 11 May 2012 at 08:45 said...

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