13 May 2011

Review: Webkinz

The next craze to hit the high street is here! If you're looking for a fun, safe and educational children's product, look no further than Webkinz. Logan and I were lucky enough to be sent two plush toys to review and also codes to their website world to see what it's all about. Here is what we thought.

First impressions are great. The Webkinz soft toys are lovely, very plush and soft which is perfect for kids and they are a good size as well. Really easy to cuddle and Logan thought they were great. He was cuddling them in, throwing them around and generally having a great time playing with them. They are very good quality and have been well put together which is fab, no threads or loose bits hanging around.

As well as being a lovable plush toy each Webkinz comes with a unique secret code which allows you to adpot the pet online into the magical Webkinz World! The online platform is a whole world for users free to roam and explore. Whether you fancy a quick quiz in the Tournament Arena, feed your pet a bowl of cereal or a chat to your friend in the Kinzchat room, Webkinz can offer it all.

I found the website really easy to navigate and with the help of Ms Birdy, who explains everything in words and audio it was a piece of cake. The website is alive with a vibrant array of colours which is sure to keep the kids occupied for hours. There is lots to do as well, games, quizes, tournaments - you can even go to the employment office and get a job! I really think this is a great site to help teach your kids the basic things that happen in life and also the value of money. They have to work to earn their own virtual money (kinzcash) and save up their money to buy their pets food, toys, furniture etc. A really good way of teaching the value of money as I mentioned.

There are a whole variety of Webkinz plush soft toys to collect and every time you get a new one be sure to enter it's secret code online to have another pet in the Webkinz online world. There is no limit to the amount of pets you can have, you even get more virtual money (kinzcash) every time you register a new pet.

Although Logan is too young to use the online Webkinz world I quite enjoyed it and I think it would be suitable for children aged 3+ and with it being easy to set up with help from mum or dad you'll be glad you introduced your child to it.

To purchase your own Webkinz RRP £5.99 visit www.iWantWebkinz.com. You can also purchase the smaller plush pets called Lil Kinz which retail at £3.99.

Overall the plush soft toys are excellent quality and a great price for a cuddley toy and access to the amazing online Webkinz world. The website is fab, a really great way of teaching your kids values whilst they have fun, what more could you want.

Logan' rating - 7/10
Mummies rating - 9/10

Please visit www.webkinz.com for a peak at the amazing Webkinz world and visit www.iWantWebkinz.com to purchase your very own Webkinz or Lil Kinz pet.

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