7 May 2011

Review: Teething Bling from Smart Mum

One massive problem I had when breastfeeding my son Logan was that he was obsessed with pulling and tugging at my lovely expensive necklace which he eventually broke to my horror so when I was asked to review the lovely Teething Bling necklaces from Smart Mum I couldn't refuse! I was sent a gorgeous Vanilla Scented necklace which smells lush but please read on to see what I thought.

First impressions are brilliant, the lovely Teething Bling necklace is beautifully presented in a cute draw string bag which also contains some further useful information so you can get to know your necklace a little better. I'm glad to say that Teething Bling from Smart Mum seems to be very eco friendly, the bag is reusable and all the info contained is printed on card so recyclable. No waste, hurray!

The necklace itself is brilliant. It's the perfect size for little hands and Logan spied it as soon as I put it round my neck. He was on it in a flash, chewing, tugging, sucking! He loved it so a massive thumbs up from him and an even bigger thumbs up from me as it seems to be taking quite a bashing but has no marks to show for it. It's long enough so that you don't get choked and it also has a safety clip which holds it around your neck so if your child does pull extremely hard then it will not break the clip, it'll simple pop off and you can pop it back on again. Although I have to say Logan is really strong and he hasn't managed to get the necklace off my neck yet.

As well as necklaces, you can also get bangles and gift sets so perfect to give to new mums or mummies to be. I would love to have recieved one of these when I was pregnant. They come in all sorts or colours so something to suit everyone or every outfit!

Teething Bling is made from the same material as most teething toys. The Pendants and Bangles look great but are safe for curious babies to handle and chew. They have a wide range of cool colours from Jade to Onyx and Mother of Pearl to Coral. Most Pendants have a matching bangles! Teething Bling is dishwasher safe and you can wear it anywhere. It's particularly great at times when you need to keep baby quiet such as during school plays, on a plane or during a chat with friends!

Here's what Teething Bling have to say about their lovely necklaces; "Our teething products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure. We carry the very important CE trademark which means we meet strict safety standards. Teething Bling went through four years of rigorous safety testing. All of our Safety Reports are available upon request too! "

You can purchase your very own Teething Bling for RRP £12.95 from Smart Mums online shop.

Overall Logan and I love these Teething Bling necklaces. They're fun, practical, hardwaring and well worth every penny. Tons of colours and matching bangles to choose from and the delicious scent of the vanilla teething necklace will have you smelling great all day. Fair pricing and this really is something that will last throughout your childs teething cycle.

Logan's rating - 10/10
Mummies rating - 10/10

Please visit www.smartmumuk.com for more information and products. You can also find Teething Bling on Twitter and Facebook so get on over there and see what they're doing. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you!

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