29 May 2011

Review: Alien Cosmolight​s

The lovely people from H. Grossman Ltd sent us a few samples of their re-invented popular pocket money toy - Alien Cosmolights. They have all the gooey attributes of the original, an egg or pod, which contains yucky multi-coloured gel, and inside a tiny sticky alien. Here is what I thought.

I was sent the Alien Cosmolights Twinpack which has two baby aliens along side the normal adult one and also a light up alien pod! For the pod to light up is has a little ball inside it which can be removed and thrown around to light up at your pleasure or you can leave it in the pod and watch the pod flash with delight. I really think this would capture a child's imagination for quite a long time as the flashing is very watchable, I can't stop rolling the pod around myself just to watch it light up - sad I know!

Once you get past the flashing light then comes the goo! It's lovely and gloopy but the smell put me off, it's just  a strong plastic smell which was too much for me but something I could see children ignoring completely and getting stuck into. The alien itself is nice and sticky and fabulous for throwing off windows. You also get two alien babies in the pack as well which are very cute and perfect for throwing around and sticking windows too. The only thing that concenrs me is the alien and gel goo could possibley stain so shouldn't be placed on porous surfaces.

These aliens are for children aged 6+ because of small parts etc and I would agree with this age, best kept for children who won't want to eat them!

You can purchase your very own Alien Cosmolights from Amazon currently selling for £3.79.

Overall these are brilliant little pocket money toys that will keep your child entertained for ages. The flashing light was a hit with me and I'm sure the sticky alien will be loved by all, especially when it's rolling down your windows!

Mummies rating - 7/10

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