1 May 2011

The Cleaning Fairy - we all need a hand now and again!

Now I'm sure you would all love a cleaning fairy who could come and clean your home when you were out at work or with the kids and when you returned your house would be spotless! If only miracles like this happened... they don't unfortunately, so that's why I've pulled together a list of some of the best cleaning products on the market. Come and take a gander at these beauties.

Sarah Smith Cloths
You can choose from two cloths in the Sarah Smith range, the all purpose cloths which are good for every day use such as washing dishes, soaking up spills, dusting and wiping down surfaces etc or you can use their ultra cloths which are ultra absorbent and at their best in the kitchen or bathroom. Both cloths are machine washable at 40o but avoid fabric softener for best results. The all purpose cloths are quite big and claim to stay fresher for longer which I agree with. I tested these out and they really do stay fresher than other cloths I have used. Like the ultra cloths the all purpose cloths are durable, long lasting and will add a brilliant splash of colour to any kitchen with some funky bright designs. You get 4 ultra cloths in each pack and 10 all purpose cloths in each pack so why not purchase some for your house from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose or Homebase.

E-cloth - general purpose cloth
What I love about this little cloth is that you only need water to use it! Completely chemical free cleaning so perfect for the more eco conscious person out there. So I hear you ask, how does it work? Well e-cloths have 480,000 fibres per cm2. By combining e-cloths unique fibre technology with water they break up and hold grease, dirt and bacteria, which normal clothes leave behind. I found this really good for my cooker hob which I always find a nightmare to clean as it's stainless steel and the cooking oil just loves it! I also like that you can use this cloth as it is for dusting so very handy. The e-cloth will save you time and money and is better for your family and the environment. You can purchase your very own e-cloth general purpose cloth from John Lewis, Lakeland, Waitrose, Resco and Debenhams for RRP £4.99 (for one cloth) or you can purchase the 4 cloth multi pack for £14.99 from Waitrose, Homebase and Lakeland.

Allergy Cosmos Allergen Wash
If you, your child or pet suffer from allergies then this is the product for you. The Allergen Wash from Allergy Cosmos is a laundry detergent which removes dust mites, household pet dander, mould, mildew and pollen from your clothes using a mild and safe concentrated super surfactant formula. Using only just  a 3/4 scoop per average washer load it will reduce the irritants in your clothes and clean them as well. This stuff really does work, our dog Lexie has major allergies to dust mites and after cleaning her bed with this detergent I have notice that her skin is looking a lot better and not as irritated. I will definitely continue to use this for washing her bed. I think this detergent would also be great for newborns clothes as it is free from perfumes, dyes and other irritating additives and is safe to use on delicates, clothing, towels and bedding so an all round winner here. This detergent is effective in any water temperature and the 24Fl. Oz. bottle (709.76ml) will launder over 30 medium washing loads. Why not purchase your own from the Allergy Cosmos online store for RRP £16.96.

Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth
These kitchen paper towels are amazing! They are so thick and quilted they act just like a normal cleaning cloth and I was surprised to find that you don't use as many as you think you would as they are super absorbant and extremely strong. I found these great for wiping Logan's highchair as he loves to be messy and tip his water all over the place. I only needed to use one to clean up all the water and the towl didn't break either which is fantastic. My other half loves these kitchen towels, he's sick of having to use about 5 sheets of normal kitchen towel to clean up Logan's mess. Now he only has to use the one and he is very impressed. Infact he is so impressed he's been singing their praises to all of our family and friends. You can purchase your very own Thirst Pockets Multi Cloths (pack of 2) from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Asda for RRP £2.39.

B.E.E Laundry Liquid
This laundry liquid smells amazing and leaves your clothes smelling even better, no wonder though as it has a lovely selection of essential oils which include; lavender, bergamot and patchouli. B.E.E is made using plant-based ingredients and natural minerals, it's gentle on clothes and especially kind to your skin. You only need a tiny little amount to clean a whole load of washing and a standard 5kg load only needs 25ml of this laundry liquid (depending on the grubbiness of your clothes), amazing! B.E.E is New Zealand's most environmental cleaning product range so you know it has to be good. I definitely liked it and it isn't tested on animals either which makes me like it even more. You get 500ml in each bottle which adds up to about 15 washes in total depending on the amount you use in each wash. Why not purchase your own from www.planethealth.com.au for RRP £4.94

Milton Cleaning Range
Milton have a great range of cleaning products including; antibacterial surface wipes, antibacterial surface spray, antibacterial hand gel, sterilising fuild, antibacterial fabric solution and sterilising tablets. My favourites had to be the surface spray, surface wipes and hand gel as I used them every day. The surface spray was great for cleaning my kitchen worktops and using to give the bath a quick clean up after Logan had been in it. The hand gel was great to use after cleaning Logan's nappy so we kept that in his changing unit so it was easy to hand and the surface wipes were brilliant for taking out and about and cleaning high chairs in cafes before we let Logan sit down and have his lunch. It made me feel so much better knowing that the high chairs had been cleaning first as you never know how reliable the cleaners are in some cafes! The fabric solution is £5.73 for 1000ml, surface spray £2.29 for 500ml, wipes £2.29 per pack, hand gel £2.19 for 100ml or £5.21 for 450ml, sterilising fluid £2.13 for 500ml or £3.05 for 1 litre and the sterilising tablets are £2.29 for 28 tablets. You can purchase these products online at www.milton-tm.com or from all good supermarkets. You can see what Milton get up to on twitter and facebook, why not pop over and pay them a visit!

So there you have it! Why not be your own Cleaning Fairy and give your home a good clean up with some of these amazing products.

Happy Cleaning!

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