1 April 2011

Something smells Seriously Good...

Something smells Seriously Good... 

Comic Relief pioneers a technological first
with the world’s first Seriously Good scratch ‘n’ sniff app! 

Comic Relief and Gordon Ramsay, creators of Seriously Good cooking sauces, have teamed up with leading olfactory and technological experts to create the world’s first scratch ‘n’ sniff smartphone app. This announcement follows the release of last year’s Seriously Good app which allows buyers to spin, shake, turn and flip Gordon Ramsay until he reacts with frustration. 

This new, groundbreaking app, named iScratchiSniff, has been developed in conjunction with Dr Mal Odorous, professor at the Royal College of Otorhinolaryngology, who specialises in scents and the effect these have on the human body. The iScratchiSniff features a series of Britain’s favourite dishes which, when you scratch, release realistic odours to make your mouth water and tantalise your taste buds. Not sure what you fancy for dinner tonight? Spaghetti Bolognese, Lamb Korma, Herby Chicken and Tomato Stew...use iScratchiSniff for inspiration then pick up a jar of Seriously Good sauce and recreate it at home. 
Following the purchase of the iScratchiSniff app, a previously dormant chip in compatible smartphones is activated. The chip contains a miniscule cartridge of food odours which have been indexed, coded, digitized and embedded to replicate Britain’s favourite culinary aromas. These are then released when the dishes on the app are ‘scratched’ on the screen, and released through the holes in the phone’s speaker.

Dr Odorous commented, “Research shows that when pleasant food odours are inhaled before mealtimes, the body responds with a physiological desire for that very meal – it’s fascinating! This new app combines cutting edge technology with the findings of my research to deliver a simple solution to the age-old problem of ‘what’s for dinner tonight?’ Wonder no more shoppers, because now there’s an app for that!”

The Seriously Good range includes both Italian and Indian cooking sauces. Each one is bursting with rich, intense flavours and is delicious served with meat, fish or vegetables.. All ingredients have been selected by Gordon Ramsay to ensure high quality, authentic tasting recipes. Seriously Good is available to buy all year round with at least 10p from the sale of every jar going to Comic Relief. Gordon Ramsay does not get a penny from the range.  

For more information on Seriously Good products and recipe ideas and to download Seriously Good apps go to www.seriouslygood.com


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