24 April 2011

Review: The Royal Wedding Commemorative Plate & Book

With the Royal Wedding finally in our sights why not celebrate and remember this lovely occassion with a little present to yourself or a loved one. The Royal Wedding Commemorative Plate and Book is a suttle yet beautiful gift which will help you to remember the wedding of the lovely Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding is Britain's biggest royal event in thirty years! This kit commemorates the big day and includes an elegant ceramic plate, an easel, and a 48-page book chronicling the famours love story. This is a special keepsake to be treasured by all those in awe of a romantic fairytale.
This limited edition commemorative plate will only be available for a very short time, order now to ensure that you have a piece of highly collectable keepsake.

This little mini plate and book are very cute and you can keep it in it's lovely little box and you are still able to view it. The good thing about this is that is does not take up lots of space and can safely be displayed or tucked away ready to be brought out and admired by quests.

You can purchase your own commemorative kit for RRP £5.99 from www.runningpress.com

Overall a very cute lovely item of memorabelia which doesn't cost the earth. I would recommend to friends and family who would like to remember this special day.

Mummies rating - 7/10

Please visit www.runningpress.com for more information and products.

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