4 April 2011

Review: My Buggy Buddy Clip

I have always found that there is never enough room to carry my shopping on my buggy and I am sometimes concerned that if I don't keep an eye on my shopping someone will try to steal it off the buggy. You just never know these days and anyone is capable of doing such a nasty crime so when My Buggy Buddy asked if I would like to test out their Buggy Clip I gladly accepted. Here is what I thought.

The My Buggy Buddy Clip is quite large so I had no problems in attaching it to my buggy and the opening part of the clip was easy to use and putting shopping bags onto the clip was easy enough when attached to the buggy. The clip is strong and sturdy but you will have to watch and not over load your buggy so that it does not tip over with the weight of your bags. It is really handy for that peace of mind and a little security as someone will not be able to pick up your bags and run off as they will be attached to your buggy. I also found it quite good to use for my hand bag when I was getting a sore shoulder (my bag is very heavy) as I felt it was secure and still within my sight.

The clip is padded around the top and the side so that it does not rub against your buggy and cause any scraping and it also helps it to stay in one place instead of sliding around the handle of your buggy. As well as your shopping and hand bag it will also come in handy for children's school bags, jackets and your umbrella. Anything really that can be clipped which isn't too heavy can be used on the buggy buddy clip.
You can purchase your own My Buggy Buddy Clip in 3 different colours (Black, Pink or Blue) from My Buggy Buddies online shop at a RRP of £5.99 with Free UK P&P.

For that extra piece of security you can also purchase the My Buggy Buddy Lock for £8.49 with Free UK P&P. This lock will allow you to clip your buggy onto a railing etc and lock it up safe so that no one can steal it. I think this is really handy especially when you have to go to the doctors to have your baby weighed and checked as most doctors surgeries don't have the space to accommodate everyone's buggies so you have to leave them outside which is sometimes a concern. Also when visiting the play park, this will come into it's own and keep your buggy locked safely to the railing.

Overall the My Buggy Buddy Clip is a very simple idea but one that is very effective especially with the lock. The pricing is fair and doesn't cost the earth especially for your peace of mind and help with the shopping. I would happily recommend to friends and family.

Mummies rating - 9/10

Please visit www.mybuggybuddy.co.uk for more information and products. You can also find My Buggy Buddy on twitter. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

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