5 April 2011

Review: Mamia Comfy Up Pants

The lovely people from ALDI sent me a sample of their Mamia Comfy Up Pants for Logan to try out now that he is becoming a big boy. We haven't started on the potty training yet but I thought he should give these a go and see how he gets on with them. We were sent the Size 5 comfy up pants and here is what we thought.

First impression were that these were quite a small pack of pants however when I looked at how many were in the pack there was 22 pants so more than I expected. They were less bulkier than I expected too which was nice and they had a cute little elephant design on the front of the pants which Logan seemed to like.
I found these pants easy to pull onto Logan and they had plenty of room for his legs and tummy and looked quite comfy. We had no leaks from them either which was fantastic and got a big thumbs up from the other half. The only problem we found and it wasn't really with the pants is that if your child has a sore bottom and you want to apply cream it gets a little bit messier than putting on a nappy especially when you have a wriggly toddler and you have to pull pants up inside of fastening a nappy on so sometimes the cream went over your hand or the changing mat but it wasn't that big a problem really.

To take these pants off all you have to do it tear away the seams at the side of the pants which is extremely easy to do and my other half and I had no problems with this at all. I found these pants quite absorbent and they would last for a while if Logan didn't have a poo which would in turn save some pennies as the pants would last longer.

These pants have been dermatologically tested and the Size 5's go from 26-40lbs (12-18kgs). I'm sure they will be comfy for a toddler to wear all the way up to 40lbs as the waist on them is very elasticated so it won't dig into little tummies. Logan had no problems moving around in these pants and they were just the same as his nappies really apart from they slide up and down instead of detaching at the sides.
You can purchase these pants for your little one from all ALDI stores for £3.49.

Overall these are really nice pants which I will definitely be purchasing in future. They were comfy for Logan to wear, had no leaks and are very easy to take off. The price is really good too and they do just as good a job as other brands on the market but will save you some money. I didn't have any problems with these pants apart from the cream thing but you will have that issue with every brand of pants.

Logan's rating - 10/10
Mummies rating - 8/10

Please visit http://www.aldi.co.uk/ for more information and products.

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