11 April 2011

Review: BelleBelly Bump Band

Now as you will probably know by the name of my blog, I am all for breastfeeding and anything that aids breastfeeding is a big plus and worth shouting about as far as I am concerned! So when the lovely people from BelleBelly asked if I would like to review their Bump Band I gladly agreed. Here is what I thought.

The BelleBelly Bump Band is very soft and quite stretchy so big enough to cover any bump and your mummy tummy after you have had your baby. The bump band retains it's stretch so will grow and decrease with your tummy size for pregnancy and post birth. The BelleBelly is simple to wear, you just pop it on over your head and slide it down until it sits just under your bust and over your bump and hips. It can be used to give you that extra coverage when your own tops become a little tight or start to rise up and the good thing about the bump band is that you can tuck it in to your trousers or leave it loose for that layered look. So more than one option if needed. When it comes to feeding time for your baby all you have to do is lift up your top and the BelleBelly will keep your tummy covered so that you can breastfeed in comfort and be safe in the knowledge that your tummy, back and breasts are perfectly covered.

I popped this on myself to try out (even though I am not pregnant or breastfeeding) and it was great. I breastfed my son for just over 12 months and I always felt I was not covered up enough whilst out and about and breastfeeding. When I was pregnant my bump was huge and I struggled to find top that would cover my bump and I feel the BelleBelly would have been a great asset to my maternity wardrobe. The BelleBelly didn't rise up like some bands do which is a big plus as there is nothing worse than adjusting yourself every 5 minutes! It also has less bulk than other bands so will keep you more comfortable especially in summer.

You will love the fact that BelleBelly is machine washable, hurray! You wouldn't want to be hand washing any item of clothing with a new baby and trust me you would not have the time, sleep is more important. The BelleBelly team describe their lovely bump band as "an A-line shaped tube made of soft, breathable, comfortable material that gives your belly a hug." I think this statement is very fitting for the BelleBelly.

Here is a little bit about how BelleBelly was created: "BelleBelly was designed by mum of two Katrina whilst she was pregnant with her second baby. Katrina bought a couple of bump bands when she was pregnant with her first baby in 2006 but they just made her feel even bigger than she was already feeling. They certainly couldn’t be worn whilst breastfeeding so ended up banished to her knicker drawer never to be worn again. When pregnant with her second baby in 2008, Katrina set about finding some clothing that she could feel confident and comfortable in. She wanted something she could use to cover her belly when her normal clothes were getting tight, and cover her up when she was breastfeeding. Katrina couldn’t find anything in the UK so set about designing the item herself"

The Belle Belly comes in Black or White and in 3 sizes; small (8-10), medium (12-14) and large (16-20). You can purchase your own Belle Belly for £10.99 from www.bellebelly.co.uk/shop with FREE UK postage and packaging.

Overall I love the BellyBelly Bump Band, it is soft, durable, stretchy and best of all it stays in place where it is meant to be. Great for covering up baby bumps and even better at helping you to feel confident and comfortable whilst breastfeeding. The price is great too and you will get a lot of use out of it so perfectly justified. I would happily recommend to friends and family who will be expecting babies soon.

Mummies rating - 10/10

For more information and product details please visit www.bellebelly.co.uk. You can also find BelleBelly on twitter and facebook. Please tell them The Breastest News sent you!

5 comments on "Review: BelleBelly Bump Band"

HELEN on 11 April 2011 at 20:06 said...

I had these (not same brand) when I was pregnant & I thought they were great - I had black,white & grey ones, & it meant I could wear my non maternity tops with these underneath to give a little extra length. Great to cover up gaping trousers too when you're in that 'too big for your normal clothes but not big enough for maternity' stage!

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