25 April 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 15

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

#1 Long Weekend
I'm so happy to have a long weekend with Logan and the other half. It's been nice to have 4 days in a row of us being together and relaxing in the lovely sunshine. It's going to be even better that there will be another long weekend this friday, woohoo! And to top it off the Scottish Baby Show is this Friday as well. Double bonus as the lovely Emma's Diary are sending us there. Watch out for a blog post soon.

#2 Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre
On Friday we took a trip up to Comri to visit the Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre. It was a warm day but not too sunny so was just perfect to see all the animals. A lot of the animals were so tame so it was great as Logan could get up close to them and have a good look. The amount of peacocks who were displaying their feathers was amazing, although we tried to keep Logan at a safe distance. He wasn't fazed by them though!

#3 Chocolate Eggs!
I'm not a major fan of chocolate but I do love a bit of chocolate egg at easter and we were surprised to find that we actually got a few eggs each. Logan got the most although he's not a massive fan of chocolate, haha! I'm sure we'll help him eat them over the next few weeks, yum.

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