29 April 2011

Happy Hopperz Easter Rabbit WINNER

Happy Hopperz Easter Rabbit WINNER

I bet you've all been waiting in suspence to hear the winner announced!!

Well here we go! The winner of the Happy Hopperz Easter Rabbit chosen by Happy Hopperz themselves is...

Kelly Hooper


Please email me with the following details and I will have your prize sent out:

Email Address:
Home Address:

Thanks to everyone who entered, it is very much appreciated.
Please visit www.happyhopperz.co.uk for lots of lovely products.

25 April 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 15

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

#1 Long Weekend
I'm so happy to have a long weekend with Logan and the other half. It's been nice to have 4 days in a row of us being together and relaxing in the lovely sunshine. It's going to be even better that there will be another long weekend this friday, woohoo! And to top it off the Scottish Baby Show is this Friday as well. Double bonus as the lovely Emma's Diary are sending us there. Watch out for a blog post soon.

#2 Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre
On Friday we took a trip up to Comri to visit the Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre. It was a warm day but not too sunny so was just perfect to see all the animals. A lot of the animals were so tame so it was great as Logan could get up close to them and have a good look. The amount of peacocks who were displaying their feathers was amazing, although we tried to keep Logan at a safe distance. He wasn't fazed by them though!

#3 Chocolate Eggs!
I'm not a major fan of chocolate but I do love a bit of chocolate egg at easter and we were surprised to find that we actually got a few eggs each. Logan got the most although he's not a massive fan of chocolate, haha! I'm sure we'll help him eat them over the next few weeks, yum.

24 April 2011

Review: Mummy's Online Baby Shop

Want your baby to stand out from the crowd? Fed up with the dull, conventional baby gifts on the high street? Want to give a present that will be remembered? Look no further... You need to get yourself to Mummys Online Baby Shop.

We were lucky enough to be sent a quirky Dirty Fingers t-shirt that says "Tantrum Loading, Save Yourselves!"

Their expertise in the use of direct to garment printing, combined with the talents of art studio have resulted in a unique, cool, funky, fun and original range of baby t-shirts. The light coloured garments feature Dirty Fingers original brand mark on the rear and they are all labelled and tagged. Top quality 160gsm shirts made from 100% combed cotton with a twin needle stitching, complete with hand pressed text and logos, unique to Dirty Fringers.

The t-shirt we received is gorgeous, such good quality and so soft for babies skin. It washes well too and the image stayed perfect with no fading. You can get a number of different designs from Dirty Fingers and they also have baby grows as well. This particular t-shirt retails at £11.99 which is a bit more on the expensive side but is very good quality.

Mummies Online Baby Shop is easy to navigate and has a massive range of baby products from clothes, accessories and gift ideas. There is truly something for everyone and you can even get 10% of your first order by entering FLYER10 at the checkout.

Overall brilliant clothes and great website which I will be using in future for gifts and clothes for Logan. I will also be recommending to friends and family as well. Some really nice stuff, some prices are a bit expensive but there is something for everyone.

Logan's rating - 8.5/10
Mummies rating - 7/10

Please visit www.mummysonlinebabyshop.com for more products and information.

Review: The Royal Wedding Commemorative Plate & Book

With the Royal Wedding finally in our sights why not celebrate and remember this lovely occassion with a little present to yourself or a loved one. The Royal Wedding Commemorative Plate and Book is a suttle yet beautiful gift which will help you to remember the wedding of the lovely Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding is Britain's biggest royal event in thirty years! This kit commemorates the big day and includes an elegant ceramic plate, an easel, and a 48-page book chronicling the famours love story. This is a special keepsake to be treasured by all those in awe of a romantic fairytale.
This limited edition commemorative plate will only be available for a very short time, order now to ensure that you have a piece of highly collectable keepsake.

This little mini plate and book are very cute and you can keep it in it's lovely little box and you are still able to view it. The good thing about this is that is does not take up lots of space and can safely be displayed or tucked away ready to be brought out and admired by quests.

You can purchase your own commemorative kit for RRP £5.99 from www.runningpress.com

Overall a very cute lovely item of memorabelia which doesn't cost the earth. I would recommend to friends and family who would like to remember this special day.

Mummies rating - 7/10

Please visit www.runningpress.com for more information and products.

Review: Shloer Summer Fruit Punch Drink

The lovely people from Shloer have brought out an exciting new drink for summer and have asked if I would like to review it for them. It's called Shloer Summer Fruit Punch and I gladly accepted the offer to try one of my favourite soft drink companies new product.

Shloer uses only the best ungredients to create a delicious non-alcoholic sparkling juice drink. All varieties make a tasty grape-based alternative to alcohol, suitable for all the family - including those who want to enjoy the Summer social circuit without drinking alcohol. Shloer contains no preservatives, artificial colours, sweetners or flavourings and is available from all major supermarkets.

Befitting of the grandest garden party, or simply enjoyed at a Sunday Social barbequw, Shloer's Summer Fruit Cup is best served 'dressed to impress'. Conjure up the typical tastes of summer: mint leaves, slices of orange and cucumber and fresh juicy strawberries, all served in a jug over ice - perfect for sharing.

When the summer fruit punch arrived I was very excited. The colour looks great, a lovely summery orange and it definitely catches your eye. It was a very hot day when I cracked this baby open for a taste but I have to say I wasn't that taken with the flavour! I feel it is one of those drinks that may be like marmite? You'll either love it or hate it and sorry to dissapoint but I hated it. My other half however loved the stuff and drank the whole bottle to himself (greedy chimp) so it just goes to show what works for one person won't automatically work for everyone.

You can purchase your own bottle of Summer Fruit Punch for RRP £2.29 from all major supermarkets.

Shloer also have an exciting new App, check out the Shloer Sunday Cook Book App for exciting recipes: http://fb.shloer.com/. The App has been designed so fans can upload their recipes, then each month fans vote for a winning recipe, and the winner will receive a half day cooking course. You can also win a prize for voting!

Overall this drink looks delicious but just didn't agree with my taste buds. The other half couldn't get enough so a hit or a miss with some people on this one.

Mummies rating - 3/10
Other Half's rating - 9/10

Please visit www.shloer.com for more information and products.

Review: Born Free Drinking Cup

In our never ending quest to find a good solid cup for Logan, Born Free offered their drinking cup for him to test. We were delighted and gladly agreed to give it a go and see how Logan would find it.

We were sent a lovely yellow drinking cup which can be used from 9 months+ and comes in a few different colours including; yellow, blue, pink and green. They have a harder spout designed for free flow of liquid and removable handles incase your toddler prefers to hold the bottle instead. The cup has an inner valve and air vent which reduces vacuum build up and the need for hard sucking so a lot easier for your toddler to quench their thirst. You'll also be glad to know that these cups are BPA free and dishwasher safe (in top rack only). Just incase that wasn't enough the cups have a handy lid to stop them from spilling liquids in your childs changing bag, brilliant.

Logan really likes this cup. He will happily drink his water or cows milk from it and loves to hold the handles. He's teething at the moment and the harder spout seems to ease his teething pains and his teeth have not left any lasting damage on the spout which is a massive bonus as Logan loves to chew everything and normally destroys his stuff with the chewing. So the drinking cup has most defintely passed the chomp test!

There are many parts to these drinking cups but I found it very easy to take apart and clean by hand so no problems there and also since it is disherwasher safe if you can't be bothered to clean it by hand them by all means pop it in the top rack of your disherwasher and wait for it to be cleaned for you. One of the best features of these cups has to be that it has a volume indicator on the back of the cup showing FL.oz and ml so if you are swapping from a bottle to a cup you can still use these for their milk feeds. These cups can hold up to 9oz or 250ml.

If you would like to buy your child their very own Born Free drinking cup then you can purchase one for RRP £6.99 from Born Free's own online shop.

Overall we love this drinking cup and it is perfect for Logan who loves to hold his cups by the handles. One thing you might not have known is that Born Free's bottles can be simply turned into cups just by changing the teat to a spout! How amazing is that and it gets a big thumbs up from us saving parents money. The drinking cups are a little more on the pricey side but well worth the pennies.

Logan's rating - 9/10
Mummies rating - 8/10

For more information and products please visit www.babybornfree.co.uk. You can also see what Born Free are up to by visiting their Facebook and Twitter page. Please tell them The Breastest News sent you!

23 April 2011

Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

Review: Green Baby Clothing

The lovely Green Baby have an online store and they have been organic and fair trade since 1999 so we were delighted when they asked if Logan would like to test out some of their very cute clothes. He was sent one of their long sleeve animal t-shirts and a lovely pair of light trousers for the summer.

The t-shirt has a lovely big stripey eagle on it and popper studs at the neck so it's easy and comfortable to fit over little heads. The fabric is soft and since every item of clothing is 100% organic cotton it gives you piece of mind that your child's skin is being well looked after. The trousers are just as cute as the t-shirt and have a little draw string to tie at the top and keep them from falling down.

You can purchase this gorgeous t-shirt and trouser combo for £13.00 each (£26.00 in total) from www.greenbaby.com

You'll love it that Green Baby have a free phone number for their customers and you can call any time between 8am-8pm 7 days a week, so awesome service there and you can get free delivery with orders over £50!

As well as clothes Green Baby also sell Toys, Gifts, Nursery Products and Skincare. If that isn't enough for you then why not purchase some gift vouchers to give to friends with new born babies and as birthday presents for older kids.

We really loved the clothes that Logan was sent but the only little niggly problem I had with them is that some of the stitching wasn't complete to the standard I would expect for clothes that are quite expensive.

Overall lovely soft clothes and 100% organic cotton so kind to your babies skins. The stitching could be better and I hope it does improve.

Logan's rating - 8/10
Mummies rating - 6.5/10

For more information and products please visit www.greenbaby.com. You can also find Green Baby on twitter and facebook so why not pop over and see what they're getting up to. Please tell them The Breastest News sent you!

Fashion Friday #8

Look at that grumpy face!!

Fleece Lined Zipper Jacket: Sainsbury's £14.99
Trousers: Ted Baker £11.49 (in sale)
Shoes: Clarks £10.00 (in sale)

18 April 2011

Review: Leapfrog Cook & Play Potsy

If you're child likes watching you cook or can't keep their hands out of your cupboards then this may be the toy for them. Logan loves the kitchen (far too much) and has been lucky enough to receive a very cute Cook & Play Potsy from Leapfrog to test and review. The Cook & Play Potsy is very brightly coloured and caught Logan's eye straight away. So here is what we thought.

First impressions for Logan were fantastic. The potsy was delivered in brown wrapping paper so when I opened it up in front of him and the bright green box with the blue and orange potsy inside was revealed he was over like a shot to investigate. Logan normally doesn't bother when I'm opening parcels so I think he was pleasantly surprised by this one. It didn't take me long to get potsy out of the box and there was minimal plastic but the cable ties did bug me but then again they always bug me those things.

The cook & play posty includes one posty (the bowl), one lid, one spoon, one piece of cheese, broccoli, peas, sweetcorn and a tomato. Potsy has an on off switch which also controls the volume to either quiet or loud although when you switch it to loud it isn’t that bad as the speaker is on the bottom of potsy and when it's resting on my carpet you can't really hear him clearly which was a little bit of a problem but might be different when resting on a wooden floor!

The potsy bowl itself has cute little eyes and a big smile which the spoon has as well so all very friendly for your little one. When putting on the lid there is a sensor switch which is activated and potsy will say "lid on" or "lid off" as many times as you like. This is quite good at teaching children opposites so very handy for learning. I like it that the food you get with potsy is all healthy and mainly vegetables, fingers crossed it'll teach Logan to love his veg. Logan loved filling potsy up with all the food and then taking it all back out again. He would sit and do this quite a lot and I think maybe the fact that potsy talks when you drop food in definitely helped to encourage him. Depending on which setting you switch potsy to (cooking mode or learning mode) you will get songs, food facts and counting and using the spoon to stir usually sends potsy into a right old sing song.

This is a great toy to promote imagination and playing by yourself or with a friend. It helps to introduce food and healthy eating, opposites, counting, pretend play, colours and motor skills. I dare say it may even ignite a passion for cooking which would be handy when your older and need your child to cook food for you for a change (if only things worked like that but you just never know)! Logan really did love this little cooking pot and it always kept him occupied when in his play pen. The tomato was his favourite veg (or fruit!) which is quite funny as he'll eat anything with tomatoes in it for his lunch and dinner. Maybe just coincidence but we'll never know!

The Cook & Play Potsy is suitable for ages 12-36 months and can be purchased for RRP £17.99 from Leapfrog's own online shop. Other retailers include Amazon, Toys "r" us, Boots, ELC, Play.com etc so plenty to take your prick from and you may even find a bargain!

Overall we love the cook & play potsy. It's really fun and interactive and you can always join in on the cooking with your child so a game you can play together as well as your child playing on their own. The only problem we had was the sound was not as clear when the potsy was sitting on our carpet but as I said it may be different on a wooden floor. Pricing is fair and you will always find a bargain from one of the suppliers who stock potsy.

Logan's rating - 9/10
Mummies rating - 8/10

Please visit http://www.leapfrog.com/ for more products and information. You can also see what Leapfrog are up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over and like their page. Please tell them The Breastest News sent you, thank you!

Review: Peter Rabbit Organic Juice Drinks

Logan has now started exploring the world of juices and it has only really taken this long as I would rather he drank water to protect his little teeth but since he is getting older I thought it was only fair for him to have a taste. He still drinks plenty of water and milk and only really gets juice at meal times maybe once or twice a week so we were delighted when Peter Rabbit Organics asked us if we would like to try out their lovely organic fruit juices. Here is what we thought.

The fruit juices we were sent come in a handy little 150ml carton which was great for throwing in the changing bag and buggy if we were going out and about and having lunch out with our house. They also come with their own straw which has a great design. The end you use for piercing into the carton has a slightly enlarge part further up so when you put the straw into the carton it'll stay in place and your child won't be able to pull it out either, genius! Logan has not quite got to grips with straws yet so we would pour his juice into a little sippy cup for him to enjoy and boy did he enjoy it.

These little juices come in 3 different flavours; Apple & Grape, Apple & Blackcurrant and Pear. They contain no nasties and all 3 have added vitamin C for your little cherubs which is a great plus. Each juice contains just water and organic fruit juices from concentrate (plus the added vitamin C) so they are already diluted and ready to be used. I really like the fact that these juices have been made in a nut-fee factory so every child can enjoy them. They are also wheat, gluten and dairy free too.

Peter Rabbit Organics 150ml fruit juices are suitable for 6 months+ but they also have larger juice bottles and cartons for older children which have a slightly strong blend of 50% juice and 50% water. So something to suit all ages really. Logan really loved these little juices and I gave them a taste myself just to see what they were like. They are not strong in taste at all and just have a hint of flavour which is perfect for really small children and will definitely save their teeth than some of the stronger juice drinks on the market. However older children might not like these small cartons as they do taste like water with a tiny hint of juice. I didn't like them but Logan seemed to love them so they get the thumbs up from him.

You can buy these delightful drinks for your own children from the following places; Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Ocado, Mamas & Papas, as Nature Intended, Toys "r" us, Planet Organic Market and Whole Foods Market. They retail for around 75p which is reasonable I think for an organic drink but could maybe be slightly cheaper.

Overall Logan loved these juices, I think because he is used to drinking just water and milk he liked it that he could taste a little flavour. I thought they were too watered down for someone who is used to drinking juice however small children (6 months+) are just starting out on the juice scene so hopefully it will appeal to their tastes more. It seemed to with Logan anyway.

Logan's rating - 9/10
Mummies rating - 5/10

Please visit www.peterrabbitorganics.com for more information and products.

16 April 2011

Happy Hopperz Easter Rabbit GIVEAWAY


Hop into Easter with this fantastic HappyHopperz® Giveaway

For an alternative to chocolate this Easter kids will go hopping mad for this Limited Edition rabbit from HappyHopperz®. No sugar, no E numbers, no artificial flavouring, the only things that will have little ones bouncing around this Easter is some good old fashioned fun!

We have managed to get our hands on the ONLY Rabbit Hopper that is being given away so quickly hop on over to the entry form and enter now for you chance to win!

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Not since the past crazes of the Rubik's Cube, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids & Space Hoppers has the children's toy market seen a product that has captured the imaginations of young children as much as the newly launched range of inflatable toys from 'HappyHopperz®'.

HappyHopperz® are a collection of bright, inflatable animals that not only rival the space hoppers of the 1970's but take the bouncing experience to a whole new level. With ears or horns for children to grip on to and sturdy feet to steady the bounce, these colourful Hopperz come in a variety of different animals that give 'Old Macdonald' a run for his money!
They can be inflated and deflated in a matter of seconds making them super-portable. So, play with them indoors or in the garden, or why not take them to the park. Even better, deflate them and pack in your suitcase for a happy-bouncy holiday!!

The HappyHopperz® are now also famous amongst the world of celebrities, after recently making an appearance at the BAFTA's in London and various celebrity weddings and events. These little toys are fast becoming the 'A List' stars of the animal world.

HappyHopperz® are available Nationwide from £19.99 at www.argos.co.uk as well as independent toy stores and www.happyhopperz.co.uk

To be in with a chance of winning this fab Limited Edition Easter Rabbit HappyHopperz® simply fill in your details here http://www.jotform.com/11040756183

Good Luck Everyone!

Winner announced on Easter Day
Open to UK residents ONLY

Review: NHR Organic Oils

The lovely people from NHR Organic Oils sent Logan a lovely sample of their products to test and review. We were sent the Organic Baby Massage Oil, Organic Baby Teeth Comfort Oil and Organic Gentle Baby Shampoo. Here is what we thought.

Organic Baby Massage Oil
This lovely baby massage oil comes in a beautifully presented glass bottle. It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be but there is a 100ml of oil so you would need a bottle to compliment it and this little bottle does it well. Ingredients include; Organic Safflower oil, Organic Sunflower oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Organic Apricot Kernel oil, Organic Evening Primrose oil, Organic Marigold oil, Pure Vitamin E oil. As you can see everything is organic so no need to worry about applying it to your babies skin. My other half gives Logan a little massage when he comes out of the bath and just before he goes to bed. It really relaxes him and this oil was very kind to his skin making it soft and nourished. Logan has dry skin like me so it was nice to see that the oil did a good job of rehydrating his skin after his bath. You can purchase this baby massage oil from NHR Organic's online store for £10.00 for 100ml.

Organic Baby Teeth Comfort Oil
It was perfecting timing when this oil arrived as Logan has started teething again and his little cheeks were all red and hot. This oil is to be used on the outside of the cheeks ONLY, to help soothe the teething pains. This oil is also bottled in the same glass bottle as the massage oil and comes in 100ml bottles. I'm not sure if it soothed Logan's teething pains or not but his little cheeks seemed less red and hot so it must have been doing something! The essential oils included in this product are: Organic Lavender essential oil, Organic Roman and German Chamomile essential oils. And the base oils are: Organic Sunflower oil, Organic Safflower oil, Organic Marigold oil, Organic Evening Primrose oil, Organic Apricot Kernel oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Pure Vitamin E oil. As you can see again everything is organic so definitely kind to your babies skin. We used this quite a few times on Logan's cheeks and the redness did seem to go away but we were unsure how much it was helping to soothe his teething pains! You can purchase this baby teeth comfort oil from NHR Organic's online store for £10.00 for 100ml.

Organic Gentle Baby Shampoo
We like this shampoo for Logan's hair, it has a good consistency and washes out quickly so less time spent trying to get shampoo out of a wriggly babies hair! The shampoo doesn't seem to have any smell though which I found a little strange but as everything is organic this might be the reason for it so probably better for your little one. Ingredients include: Water, Organic Vegetable glycerine, Organic Aloe Vera, Coconut and Corn sugar soap, Glyceride of Sunflower oil, Citric acid, Organic Marigold flower extract. You can purchase this lovely shampoo from NHR Organic's online store for £8.62 for 250ml.

Overall NHR Organic Oils have some lovely products but because they are organic the price is very high which might put some people off due to their budgets and there are other products on the market that do just as well for less than half the price!

Logan's rating - 7/10
Mummies rating - 5/10

Please visit www.nhrorganicoils.com for more information and other products.

Review: The Stripy Company Blankets

Are you looking for a great summer blanket for those cooler summer nights? Well this might just be what you're looking for. The Stripy Company have sent Logan and I their lovely stripy cotton blanket. It has been knitted well and is very soft, perfect for babies sensitive skin. The blanket is large enough that it can be used in a pram, buggy, moses basket or cot and can be easily folded and tucked away in your baby's changing bag. You can even double it up for extra warmth when it gets chilly.

These blankets are made from 100% knitted cotton and are 70cm x 100cm. They are also machine washable at 30c.

Logan really liked his stripy blanket and has started carrying it around the living room with him. I have also began to use it for his mid day naps instead of using a grobag as it's quite warm now with the better weather coming in. This blanket keeps him snug but he can remove it himself if he feels too warm which is really good. I cannot stress the quality of this blanket enough. It is very well knitted with beautifully finished edges, not a stitch out of place.

You can purchase this blanket in a few different colours including green, blue and multi coloured. This would make the perfect gift for a new born and would be greatly appreciated. I would have loved to recieve one of these blankets when Logan was born. The Stripy Company also do wool blankets and baby blankets as well as some very cute nursery accessories.

Why not buy your own from The Stripy Company for £18.95. You can even get free delivery if you spend over £30.

Overall we love these blankets, they come in all different colours, designs and fabrics and are well worth the money. The quality is top notch and will last a life time. If you're looking for the perfect new born gift them this is it!

Logan's rating - 10/10
Mummies rating - 9/10

Please visit www.thestripycompany.co.uk for more information and products. You can also hop on over to facebook and see what The Stripy Company are getting up to. Please tell them The Breastest News sent you!

13 April 2011

Cadbury's Race Season Spots V Stripes

To join in with the fun at Cadbury's Race Season they sent us a lovely pack full of record breaking attempts. I kindly asked the other half if he would attempt a recorder breaker and he chose the Fastest Coin Stacker. Here is his attempt.

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 13

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

#1 BBQ Weather
The weathers been so nice recently that we managed to go to a family BBQ. It was really nice to see everyone and have a catch up and Logan enjoyed himself walking up and down the back stairs! God knows why he was so fascinated but the back door stairs were the highlight of his evening. He climbed up and down them (3 stairs) all evening with the help of a willing volunteer. I think by the time we left everyone's backs were killing them.

#2 Emma's Diary & The Scottish Baby Show
The lovely people from Emma's Diary are sending me to the Scottish Baby Show, whoop! It's very kind of them to offer me this opportunity so watch the blog after the 29th April for how I got on at the baby show. We can't wait to go and see everyone. Just waiting on my business cards to arrive now. Yes that's right, I'll be the crazy lady throwing business cards at people. I apologise now if I accidently hit you in the face with one!

#3 House Phones
Our house phones weren't working for a while due to a faulty line and I'm glad to say they are back to working order, finally! They were down for over a week so Sky is going to reimburse us for that week as we were paying for a service we did not receive. So if this ever happens to you make sure and get your money back.

11 April 2011

Review: Tommee Tippee Digital Sensor Pad & Baby Monitor

Initially when Tommee Tippee asked us to review their brand new baby monitor with sensor pad we were unsure whether to accept as Logan is older and can sometimes jump around a lot at night so we thought this would confuse the sensor pad and maybe not give a fair review of it. We decided to test the monitor and sensor pad out anyway to see if it would be any good for older babies. Here is what we thought.

First impressions of this baby monitor is that it is sleek and stylish and it was easy to imagine it sitting in Logan's room beside his bed. My other half and I decided to set up the monitor without reading the instructions to see how easy it would be and we were surprised that it was quite self explanatory. The hand held parent unit and the sensor pad both plug into the baby unit with rechargeable batteries put into the parent unit so that it can be carried around and used throughout the night without it needing to be plugged in. The sensor pad is positioned under your babies mattress so lift the mattress right out of the cot and place the pad on the spars of the cot before replacing the mattress. We didn't have any problems with this as we were able to place the baby unit on Logan's dresser so no problems with cables etc but I could see it being a bit of a problem for some people who don’t have dressers or units right next to their babies cots. It would be something you would have to work on when you bought the baby monitor.

The baby monitor does have some great key features including; the sensor pad, interferences free, room temperature display, long distance range of 300m, out of range indicator, two way talk back and baby night light controllable from parent unit. With all these great features it was hard to find any issues. The room temperature display can be changed from degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit if needed and the fact that the monitor is interferences free will be a big weight off your mind! My auntie used to get a lot of interferences with her baby monitor and she hated it, always worrying if it was her baby or worrying because she couldn't hear her baby.

The sensor pad is obviously the key feature with this baby monitor and it worked really well when Logan settled down to sleep but it didn't work so well when he was bouncing around, I think it confused the sensor pad a little. Obviously the sensor pad is designed more for newborn babies so you can always take the sensor pad away when your baby gets older and still use the baby unit and parent unit as your baby monitor. The sensor pad works by sounding it's alarm after 20 seconds if no movement has been detected so a pretty fast response.

I really liked the sound quality of this baby monitor, it was crisp and clear and I could hear everything Logan was doing or saying. I could even hear him breathing when he eventually went to sleep so big thumbs up for that. We weren't too impressed with the night light as it just wasn't bright enough for us. I know it is meant to be soft so as not to disturb your baby but it's a nightmare when you can't see what you're doing so that could definitely be improved for future models. The talk back function is very handy and can be used to soothe your baby if they become upset and you don't even have to leave your sofa to do this!

You can purchase your own digital sensor pad and baby monitor for £99.99 from Tommee Tippees online shop or you can purchase the baby monitor on it's own for £64.99.

Overall we quite like this baby monitor and the sensor pad adds and extra element of safety for newborn babies. There are a few little things that could be improved and I'm sure they will be for the next model. This monitor is packed with lots of lovely features and the crisp clear sound is one of the best. It is a little pricey though and may not stretch to everyones budget.

Mummies rating - 8/10
Other Half's rating - 7.5/10

Please visit http://www.tommeetippee.co.uk/ for more products and information. You can also find Tommee Tipppe on twitter and facebook. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you!

Review: BelleBelly Bump Band

Now as you will probably know by the name of my blog, I am all for breastfeeding and anything that aids breastfeeding is a big plus and worth shouting about as far as I am concerned! So when the lovely people from BelleBelly asked if I would like to review their Bump Band I gladly agreed. Here is what I thought.

The BelleBelly Bump Band is very soft and quite stretchy so big enough to cover any bump and your mummy tummy after you have had your baby. The bump band retains it's stretch so will grow and decrease with your tummy size for pregnancy and post birth. The BelleBelly is simple to wear, you just pop it on over your head and slide it down until it sits just under your bust and over your bump and hips. It can be used to give you that extra coverage when your own tops become a little tight or start to rise up and the good thing about the bump band is that you can tuck it in to your trousers or leave it loose for that layered look. So more than one option if needed. When it comes to feeding time for your baby all you have to do is lift up your top and the BelleBelly will keep your tummy covered so that you can breastfeed in comfort and be safe in the knowledge that your tummy, back and breasts are perfectly covered.

I popped this on myself to try out (even though I am not pregnant or breastfeeding) and it was great. I breastfed my son for just over 12 months and I always felt I was not covered up enough whilst out and about and breastfeeding. When I was pregnant my bump was huge and I struggled to find top that would cover my bump and I feel the BelleBelly would have been a great asset to my maternity wardrobe. The BelleBelly didn't rise up like some bands do which is a big plus as there is nothing worse than adjusting yourself every 5 minutes! It also has less bulk than other bands so will keep you more comfortable especially in summer.

You will love the fact that BelleBelly is machine washable, hurray! You wouldn't want to be hand washing any item of clothing with a new baby and trust me you would not have the time, sleep is more important. The BelleBelly team describe their lovely bump band as "an A-line shaped tube made of soft, breathable, comfortable material that gives your belly a hug." I think this statement is very fitting for the BelleBelly.

Here is a little bit about how BelleBelly was created: "BelleBelly was designed by mum of two Katrina whilst she was pregnant with her second baby. Katrina bought a couple of bump bands when she was pregnant with her first baby in 2006 but they just made her feel even bigger than she was already feeling. They certainly couldn’t be worn whilst breastfeeding so ended up banished to her knicker drawer never to be worn again. When pregnant with her second baby in 2008, Katrina set about finding some clothing that she could feel confident and comfortable in. She wanted something she could use to cover her belly when her normal clothes were getting tight, and cover her up when she was breastfeeding. Katrina couldn’t find anything in the UK so set about designing the item herself"

The Belle Belly comes in Black or White and in 3 sizes; small (8-10), medium (12-14) and large (16-20). You can purchase your own Belle Belly for £10.99 from www.bellebelly.co.uk/shop with FREE UK postage and packaging.

Overall I love the BellyBelly Bump Band, it is soft, durable, stretchy and best of all it stays in place where it is meant to be. Great for covering up baby bumps and even better at helping you to feel confident and comfortable whilst breastfeeding. The price is great too and you will get a lot of use out of it so perfectly justified. I would happily recommend to friends and family who will be expecting babies soon.

Mummies rating - 10/10

For more information and product details please visit www.bellebelly.co.uk. You can also find BelleBelly on twitter and facebook. Please tell them The Breastest News sent you!

9 April 2011

Dolly Girl Boxed Baby Gift Set WINNER

Dolly Girl Boxed Baby Gift Set
I bet you've all been waiting in suspence to hear the winner announced!!

Well here we go! The winner of the Dolly Girl Boxed Baby Gift Set chosen by Random.org is...

Lorna (@ellielucky)


Please email me with the following details and I will have your prize sent out:

Email Address:
Home Address:

Thanks to everyone who entered, it is very much appreciated.
Please visit www.dotcomgiftshop.com for lots of lovely products.

Review: Lifft Baby Sling

The lovely people from Lifft Sling sent us one of their baby slings to test and review. They look very stylish and can carry a child up to 35lbs so we were very impressed and couldn't wait to try it out for ourselves. Here is what we thought.

The Lifft Sling comes in a handy cardboard box which is covered in lots of useful information to help you get started with your sling. I like it that there is minimum packaging and that it can be recycled as this really helps the environment. Lifft Sling also support UK businesses and protect British jobs by manufacturing their baby products in the UK. This means their profits will be lower, but they are dedicated to this cause and believe it is a small price to pay. It also means that they are 'minimising the carbon footprint' of your sling, plus they can guarantee your baby slings and baby carriers are manufactured by adults in fair conditions and not via child labour in sweat shops. This is very important to Lifft Sling and it is refreshing to know that they care about the world. Big thumbs up.

The Lifft Slings are very stylish and come in a range of colours to match any outfit or taste. We received the Khaki and Black sling which is very nice indeed. The material is of good thick quality and the stitching is well done with no flaws. The sling is designed with comfort and ease of use in mind and has no clasps or buckles which is great, nothing to fiddle with when you have a baby in your hands. To use the sling you put one arm in so that one side of the sling is on your side and the other part is over your shoulder. Lifft Sling have some handy tutorial videos which show you exactly how to use your sling and get the most benefit from it. You can use the sling right from newborn up to 35lbs so you will get plenty of usage from it.

It has been scientifically proven to improve posture so no more sore achy backs and stabbing pains from your hips being out of place. It is also great for baby as "The Lifft Sling keeps your baby in a natural cradle position and does not place pressure on a babies developing spine like some front carriers can. This is important as a newborns pelvis is quite plastic and a baby should be carried in a position that contributes to a good posture." Another good point to add about carrying your baby in the sling is that it will increase your bonding time and help baby feel comforted being so close to you. In the long run it will help keep your baby happy and content whilst you go about your daily business.

I love it that the sling is machine washable so no need to worry about giving your baby food whilst in the sling. I found it a little difficult at first to put Logan into the sling as he is such a big boy at 16 months and loves to wriggle around. After a few practice attempts we got the hang of it and Logan looked nice and snug sitting in his new sling. The only problem we had was that Logan wanted to get out of the sling and walk around, he loves being carried but recently he's been more into walking and exploring so this is possibly why he was trying to jump out of the sling. It was very comfy to wear and I just know it would be fantastic with a new born, a lot more comfortable than other baby carriers with clips and straps. The sling comes in a variety of different colours and sizes and you can even buy them for men so your other half can happily carry your baby around for you. You can purchase your very own sling from Lifft Sling's online shop for £49.99.

Lifft Sling has some handy how to guides on their site so pop on over to see how to use the sling to your advantage: How to Guide.

Overall we really like the sling but I think it may be more suited for children who aren't as mobile as Logan. I think the price is fair and this item will last a long time and will be able to be used for future children or passed down through the family.

Logan's rating - 6.5/10
Mummies rating - 8/10

Please visit http://www.lifftslings.com/ for more information and products. You can also find Lifft Slings on twitter so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

Fashion Friday #8


Top: Green Baby £13
Bottoms: Green Baby £13

6 April 2011

Review: Jackson Reece Unscented Baby Wipes

After having reviewed the lovely Jackson Reece baby wipes I was sent a packet of their new Unscented baby wipes to try out. I really love these wipes, they are so friendly to babies bottoms and the packaging is great.

As with the scented baby wipes these Unscented wipes are fantastic, I cannot fault them. The packaging is recyclable, the wipes are 100% bio-degradable, compostable and chlorine free and 99% of the ingredients in these wipes are derived from vegetable or plant extracts. They really are "kinder by nature" and one of the best if not the best wipes I have ever used on Logan. He has no reaction to them at all with his sensitive skin and they are thick and moist and clean his bottom up a treat.

The easy access dispenser on the packet is rigid and helps to keep the wipes fresh and moist. It also maintains its stickiness so the lid stays shut unlike other brands of wipes. This has to be one of the best things about these wipes as I have found no other packet of wipes who's lid stays in shape and continues to close quite like this one.

You'll be happy to know that these lovely unscented wipes are made in the UK, not tested on animals and have been dermatologically and hypoallergenic approved as well as pH balanced so they are very kind to babies skin.

Jackson Reece have also disclosed the function and use of each ingredient on the pack in layman's terms to show their open and honest approach to care better for babies and the environment so you know exactly what you are getting. This is great as so many companies try to hide behind big fancy names to get away with so many things, Jackson Reece do not do this and it definitely shows through their products.

Unlike most baby skincare products Jackson Reece do not contain any of the following potential irritants; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Alcohol, Lanolin, Phthalates, MIT, Parabens, Triclosan, Propylene glycol, Petro Chemicals, Phenoxyethanol, Benzoates or Soap.

So there you have it, brilliant all round amazing wipes and Tesco have a special offer on at the moment for both Herbal and Unscented wipes. Buy one get one free at their online shopping store so order your wipes up today.

Overall I absolutely love these wipes, they are so kind to Logan's skin I couldn't ask for better. You get 72 wipes in a pack which is really good and the price is reasonable as well with some shops selling them at £2.00 per pack which include Tesco and Mothercare. Big thumbs up from us and we will be purchasing more in future.

Logan's rating - 10/10
Mummies rating - 10/10

Please visit www.jacksonreece.com for more information and products.

5 April 2011

Review: Mamia Comfy Up Pants

The lovely people from ALDI sent me a sample of their Mamia Comfy Up Pants for Logan to try out now that he is becoming a big boy. We haven't started on the potty training yet but I thought he should give these a go and see how he gets on with them. We were sent the Size 5 comfy up pants and here is what we thought.

First impression were that these were quite a small pack of pants however when I looked at how many were in the pack there was 22 pants so more than I expected. They were less bulkier than I expected too which was nice and they had a cute little elephant design on the front of the pants which Logan seemed to like.
I found these pants easy to pull onto Logan and they had plenty of room for his legs and tummy and looked quite comfy. We had no leaks from them either which was fantastic and got a big thumbs up from the other half. The only problem we found and it wasn't really with the pants is that if your child has a sore bottom and you want to apply cream it gets a little bit messier than putting on a nappy especially when you have a wriggly toddler and you have to pull pants up inside of fastening a nappy on so sometimes the cream went over your hand or the changing mat but it wasn't that big a problem really.

To take these pants off all you have to do it tear away the seams at the side of the pants which is extremely easy to do and my other half and I had no problems with this at all. I found these pants quite absorbent and they would last for a while if Logan didn't have a poo which would in turn save some pennies as the pants would last longer.

These pants have been dermatologically tested and the Size 5's go from 26-40lbs (12-18kgs). I'm sure they will be comfy for a toddler to wear all the way up to 40lbs as the waist on them is very elasticated so it won't dig into little tummies. Logan had no problems moving around in these pants and they were just the same as his nappies really apart from they slide up and down instead of detaching at the sides.
You can purchase these pants for your little one from all ALDI stores for £3.49.

Overall these are really nice pants which I will definitely be purchasing in future. They were comfy for Logan to wear, had no leaks and are very easy to take off. The price is really good too and they do just as good a job as other brands on the market but will save you some money. I didn't have any problems with these pants apart from the cream thing but you will have that issue with every brand of pants.

Logan's rating - 10/10
Mummies rating - 8/10

Please visit http://www.aldi.co.uk/ for more information and products.

4 April 2011

Review: My Buggy Buddy Clip

I have always found that there is never enough room to carry my shopping on my buggy and I am sometimes concerned that if I don't keep an eye on my shopping someone will try to steal it off the buggy. You just never know these days and anyone is capable of doing such a nasty crime so when My Buggy Buddy asked if I would like to test out their Buggy Clip I gladly accepted. Here is what I thought.

The My Buggy Buddy Clip is quite large so I had no problems in attaching it to my buggy and the opening part of the clip was easy to use and putting shopping bags onto the clip was easy enough when attached to the buggy. The clip is strong and sturdy but you will have to watch and not over load your buggy so that it does not tip over with the weight of your bags. It is really handy for that peace of mind and a little security as someone will not be able to pick up your bags and run off as they will be attached to your buggy. I also found it quite good to use for my hand bag when I was getting a sore shoulder (my bag is very heavy) as I felt it was secure and still within my sight.

The clip is padded around the top and the side so that it does not rub against your buggy and cause any scraping and it also helps it to stay in one place instead of sliding around the handle of your buggy. As well as your shopping and hand bag it will also come in handy for children's school bags, jackets and your umbrella. Anything really that can be clipped which isn't too heavy can be used on the buggy buddy clip.
You can purchase your own My Buggy Buddy Clip in 3 different colours (Black, Pink or Blue) from My Buggy Buddies online shop at a RRP of £5.99 with Free UK P&P.

For that extra piece of security you can also purchase the My Buggy Buddy Lock for £8.49 with Free UK P&P. This lock will allow you to clip your buggy onto a railing etc and lock it up safe so that no one can steal it. I think this is really handy especially when you have to go to the doctors to have your baby weighed and checked as most doctors surgeries don't have the space to accommodate everyone's buggies so you have to leave them outside which is sometimes a concern. Also when visiting the play park, this will come into it's own and keep your buggy locked safely to the railing.

Overall the My Buggy Buddy Clip is a very simple idea but one that is very effective especially with the lock. The pricing is fair and doesn't cost the earth especially for your peace of mind and help with the shopping. I would happily recommend to friends and family.

Mummies rating - 9/10

Please visit www.mybuggybuddy.co.uk for more information and products. You can also find My Buggy Buddy on twitter. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

Review: Rachel's Organic Products

The lovely people from Rachel's Organic sent us some yummy yogurts and rice puddings to try out and review. They were very generous and the yogurts must have kept Logan happy for atleast 2 weeks or more, he had tons! Here is what we thought.

My First Yogurts - Children
These yogurts are lovely, so thick and smooth and you get a nice big helping which is just perfect for us as Logan loves his yogurts so much. You get 4 x 90g pots in a pack and all 4 are a different flavour; Strawberry, Raspberry, Banana and Mango. Logan has never tasted Mango before and he can be quite fussy but since it was in yogurt form he scoffed the lot! These would make a great weaning food as well for babies 4-6 months who are just starting to explore the world of food. Rachel's Organic have really taken care to make sure the best has been included in these yogurts by using organic wholemilk yogurt blended with smooth fruit puree and sweetened only with organic fruit juice concentrate. Yogurts are a natural source of calcium and great for growing kids and these yogurts have 12% + fruit puree and no refined sugar. They are also gluten free, non GM, contain no artificial additives, colours or preservatives and contain probiotic cultures to help your child maintain a healthy digestive system. Oh and these are suitable for vegetarians. These yogurts really are perfect, Logan gives them a massive thumbs up so we will be buying them in future. You can purchase this product for £1.80 from Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado and selected Morrisons and Sainsbury's stores.
Taste Explorers Yogurts - Children
These yogurts are very similar to the My First Yogurts but are more for the adventurous tot who wants to tingle their taste buds. They are smooth and thick as well and come in a pack of 4 x 100g pots with 4 different flavours which include; Strawberry & Banana, Peach & Mango, Apple & Apricot and Raspberry & Peach. Logan loved them all and would have happily scoffed all 4 pots if I had let him. He is a true yogurt fiend! You can use these yogurts for children from 4-6 months of age and up. They are also gluten free, non GM, contain no artificial additives, colours or preservatives and contain probiotic cultures to help your child maintain a healthy digestive system as well as being suitable for vegetarians. You can purchase this product for £1.69 from Ocado and selected Waitrose stores.
Taste Explorers Rice Pudding - Children
Now Logan has never had rice pudding before and took to it quite well. It wasn't his favourite as he's not a big fan of rice but he did give it a good go. These had a nice texture too them and were very creamy. You get 2 x 100g pots in a pack and they can be eaten warm or cold. We tried Logan with both and he seemed to prefer them cold like a yogurt. You can give these to your child from 6 months old and as with all Rachel's products they are organic so you know your child is getting the best. They are gluten free, non GM, contain no artificial additives, colours or preservatives and are suitable for vegetarians. They also contain cow's milk and pasteurised organic egg just incase your child has any allergies. Logan wasn't too keen on these rice puddings but then again he has never had rice pudding before so I may wait till he is a little older before I try him with them again. You can purchase this product for £1.09 from Ocado.
Greek Style Yogurts - Adults
For the grown ups out there we were sent two lovely Greek Style Yogurts; Coconut and Honey flavoured. I got the other half to test these out for me as I am not a big fan of yogurts, he on the other hand can't get enough of them. That must be where Logan gets it from! The coconut was very rich and full of natural flavours with plenty of coconut bits. We tested it against a supermarkets own brand of coconut yogurt and Rachel's Organic Greek Style Coconut yogurt was a million times better with more coconut and better taste. The stores own brand was sweeter but it had a ton of sugar in it so we thought it was trying to cover up for a lack of flavour and coconut. My partner was to taken with the Honey yogurt though as he couldn't taste much of the honey. My other half loves honey and have tried lots of different flavours so he was very excited to try the Honey yogurt but he felt let down a little by the taste. So Rachel Organic people, more honey in the honey yogurt is needed. The Greek style bio-live yogurt with honey or coconut contains the health-giving probiotic cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus & Bifidobacterium to help improve and maintain a healthy digestive system and the honey itself is collected from the foothills of the Himalayas. With less than 10% fat this yogurt could make a great dessert alternative helping you to lose some weight and still enjoy the finer things in life. These yogurts come in to different sized pots; 450g or 350g. Both are suitable for vegetarians and contain cow's milk. You can purchase these products for £1.89 from Ocado and selected Tesco, Sainsbury's and Waitrose stores.
Divine Rice Traditional - Adults
Again I hate rice pudding, I have just never taken to it even when I was a baby but my other half loves the stuff so he was my tester for the Divine Rice Traditional pack of 2 x 150g pots. Well he loved them, they are very rich and creamy and with less than 5% fat in each pot you can have your cake and eat it too. These lovely little dishes are made from pure, fresh milk from organic farms and are slow cooked for a traditional creamy taste. They are delicious eaten hot or cold. You can purchase this product for £1.29 from Waitrose, Asda and selected Tesco and Sainsbury's stores.
Overall Logan and my other half loved most of these products and we would happily purchase them in the future. The Greek Style Honey yogurt could do with a bit more honey but I'm sure Rachel's Organic are constantly improving their recipes. The packaging for all of these products is fresh, bright and very stylish. It definitely gives the impression of a high end brand that you would happily recommend to friends and family.

Logan's rating - 10/10
Mummies rating - 8/10
Other half's rating - 8/10

Please visit http://www.rachelsorganic.co.uk/ for more information and products. You can also find them on Facebook so why not pop over and see what the latest news is. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you!

3 April 2011

Our Mother's Day Trip

For Mother's Day today we took a trip to the Buttefly Farm, it was a beautiful day and inside the buttefly farm it was very very warm. So warm that my other half and I were sweating buckets! Here are a few photos from our trip today.


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