3 March 2011

Review: TePe Mini Toothbrush

Now that Logan has a good set of teeth on him it was time to find him a good toothbrush. We have been trying out a few different toothbrushes and TePe kindly sent us their Mini Toothbrush for children aged 0-3 years to test and review. Here is what we thought.

Logan received the blue toothbrush that has a little pirate and parrot on it. It's really cute and Logan does like to have a good nose after he has brushed his teeth. The brush on the toothbrush is lovely and soft so that it does not damage the gums but it is strong enough to give the teeth a good brush. I like it that the handle is quite long so you can get a good grip without baby grabbing it from you when trying to brush their teeth. I tend to brush Logan's teeth first to make sure they are definitely brushed and then I hand the toothbrush over to him so that he can have a go himself and get used to it. He quite enjoys having his teeth brushed and gets excited when he sees the toothbrush in the morning and after his bath at night.

The only problem I had with this toothbrush is that Logan managed to bite a bristle off the brush and damage it but he has managed to do that on every toothbrush he has had and I have yet to find one he cannot break!

You can purchase this TePe Mini Toothbrush from Amazon for £1.99

Overall a good little first toothbrush for children and not too expensive. It was a shame that Logan managed to damage it but he has had plenty of fun with it which was great.

Logan's rating - 9/10
Mummies rating - 7/10

For more information and other products please visit www.tepe.com.

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