3 March 2011

Review: Lindt Easter Goodies

Easter is just over 7 weeks away and if you're sick of giving the same old easter egg to the kids for Easter, why not give them chocolate that's more exciting! The lovely people at Lindt have created some exciting chocolate easter goodies and have sent a selection of them to us to test and review. We were sent the easter fun mini eggs, easter fun bugs & bees, easter fun heads and toes, mini chocolate bunnies and lindt lindor chocolate eggs. Here is what we think.

All of these chocolates are very scrummy and myself and my partner enjoyed testing them very much, as you can imagine. Logan is a bit too young to be testing these chocolates but he's not a massive fan of chocolate anyway so no loss there. The Lindor chocolate eggs (the red packet) are very creamy and rich, I would say they are more suited to an adult taste so you can treat yourself to a packet of these when you pick up the kids lindt easter goodies! You can buy the Lindor chocolates eggs for around £2.00 and you get 100g of chocolate in each bag.

The Easter Fun collection is very cute and very tasty and a great alternative to the usual easter egg. The mini eggs have a creamy double milk filling and you get 100g of choccies in each bag for around £2.49 depending on where you buy them.

I absolutely love the easter fun heads and toe as you can pull the bars out and give each animal a different head and body. This is sure to keeps the kids entertained for a good while! You get 6 solid mini milk chocolate bars in each packet which is 96g of chocolate and these can be purchased for around £3.00. I quite like the fact that the packaging is made of cardboard so it can easily recycled once the kids are finished with it.

For something a bit more adventurous why not try the easter fun bugs and bees! These milk chocolate bugs are filled with yummy chocolate hazelnut cream and crisped rice. These may be more suited to the older child and for £2.49 you can go wrong as a little extra easter gift. You get 50g of chocolate in each pack (5 bugs and bees).

Last but not least is the very cute Lindt mini chocolate bunnies which you can purchase 3 for £1 at Asda at the moment. They are approx 5cm high and 10g in weight each and would make an excellent addition to any easter egg hunt.
All of these chocolates are very scrummy, there were no complaints and we would quite happily buy them ourselves. All are available to buy now so why not stock up in time for easter and save all the rushing around. Some might be a little pricey for a little piece of chocolate but well worth it for their uniqueness.

Mummies rating - 8.5/10
Other Half's rating - 9/10

To find out more about these products please visit Lindt. To purchase these products why not visit your local Asda supermarket.

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