8 March 2011

Review: Heinz Taste of Home

Since weaning Logan we have mostly used ready to go food in jars, pots or pouches from the supermarkets. I am not a great cook and I was afraid that I would not give Logan enough nutrients if I cooked him food myself. I am slowly getting better at cooking him meals now but we still use the ready to go food which he loves so when Heinz asked us if we would like to test out some of their new Taste of Home baby food range we jumped at the chance. They kindly sent us some samples of the Heinz Taste of Home Herby Tomato & Cheese Pasta to try out. Here is what we thought.

Since Logan is 15 months old and eating food that we are eating I decided to add some Pasta shells to the Heinz food as it is from 4 months + so is more of a sauce to Logan. He loves pasta so I just cooked it up, heated up the Heinz baby food and mixed the pasta in. The Heinz herby tomato and cheese pasta is steam cooked with 3 different vegetables, no preservatives, artifical colours or flavours. Just what we like to hear! It is also low in salt and suitable for vegetarians.

You get 2 x 120g pots in each pack and once opened can be kept in the fridge for up to 48 hours which is handy if your little one does not eat it all. They can be served hot or cold and I like it that the pot is easy to open with one peel of the plastic and it comes with a little lid so if you are out and about and want to keep the food if it has not all been eaten then you can pop on the lid without worrying about the food escaping into your changing bag. Another good thing is that most of the packaging can be recycled apart from the plastic film on the pot but it's a good start and the environment appreciates it. You can buy these pots at different stages with the following flavours:

4 Months +
Herby pasta Bolognese
Sunday Chicken Dinner with 5 Veg
Butternut squash, carrot & Apple
Garden vegetable chicken casserole
Herby tomato & cheese pasta
RRP £1.49

7 Months +
Sunday Chicken Dinner with 5 veg
Sweet Potato cottage pie
Tomato, mozzarella & pasta stars with basil
Spaghetti bolognese with Basil
Sweet potato with apple & pork
RRP £1.89

10 Months +
Spaghetti Bolognese with Basil
Shepherd’s Pie with Peas
Sunday Chicken Dinner with 5 veg
RRP £2.29

Unfortunately Logan did not like this baby food. He took one mouthful and spat it back out then refused to eat the rest! When I tried it myself I have to say that the flavours were quite bland and did not have the taste Heinz normally has which is a shame. Logan quite happily eats the Heinz pots that are 1-3 years and these are very tastey, I could eat one to myself they are that nice. So I feel a little let down by the herby tomato and cheese pasta. I think it needs more tomato!

You can buy these little pots for around £1.49 from your local supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's etc.

Overall the taste is too bland and lets it down which is a shame and the price is a little expensive compared to some jars. Like I said the 1-3 year pots are delicious and we will continue to buy them for Logan as he loves them he just did not like this flavour at all.

Logan's rating - 1/10
Mummies rating - 4/10

You can find more information on the new Heinze Taste of Home products at www.heinzbaby.co.uk

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