20 March 2011

Review: Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

The lovely people at Esdevium Games Ltd are the UK's largest distributors of Board Games and Collectables but this year they are venturing into the pre-school toy market and introducing the very cute Fisher-Price Classics range. These toys are the re-issued retro classics of yesteryear made to a high manufacturing standard for children of today. Esdevium Games Ltd have the exclusive UK distribution rights for the Fisher-Price Classics range for 2011 and we were lucky enough to be asked to test and review the Chatter Telephone. Here is what we thought.

"Introduced in 1961 as the Talk Back Phone, The Chatter Telephone was designed with a rotary dial to teach children how to dial a phone. Today's Chatter Telephone makes children smile just the same way, with eyes that role up and down, a mouth that chatters, and a dial that rings. This friendly phone is ready for a whole new generation of children to enjoy!"

So does this phone stand up to its amazing intro? Well I really think it does! This cute little retro telephone made a big impression with Logan. When he spied it in the box he could not wait to get it out. It has some lovely bright colours and beautiful blue eyes. Straight away Logan went for the dial, sticking his fingers into the little holes and pulling them round. He was surprised to hear a ringing noise when he let the dial go and would sit for ages making the telephone ring. The phone came in very handy when Logan would have to go in his play pen if I needed to nip to the toilet as it would stop him from having a trantrum or becoming bored.

This telephone is very sturdy, it has been stood on and thrown several times over the play pen which is quite high and it has not suffered any damage. The little phone itself has passed the chomp test and has no bite marks at all. The telephone has a string at the front so your child can use it as a pull along toy and when you pull it the eyes move and the phone chatters away. Logan thought the chattering noise was quite funny and would push the phone back and forward to make it chatter.

As well as the chatter telephone there will be a few other Fisher-Price classics being brought back into the range. These have not been finalised yet but please look out for them in future.

This toy is recommended for children aged 12 months + and you can purchase this chatter telephone from Amazon with a RRP of £14.99. It is currently selling for £10.49 with free shipping so grab yourself a bargain whilst you can.

The only little niggle I have with the actual phone part is that the cord connecting the phone to the base could be a little longer so that Logan could put it to his ear without the whole unit lifting off the floor.

Overall this is a brilliant sturdy little telephone that can with stand a good bashing and will take you back to you child hood with fond memories. I think this phone is priced fairly and you will always get a bargain on Amazon.

Logan's rating - 10/10
Mummies rating - 8.5/10

Please visit www.esdeviumgames.com for more products and information.

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Unknown on 20 March 2011 at 20:22 said...

Great review :) I actually like that phone, looks unique, a nice Retro one :) x

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