13 March 2011

Review: Elias Super Wipes

The lovely people at Elias asked us to test and review thier new Elias Super Wipes. First Aid for removal of food and drink stains. We were sent a packet to test out which was great as Logan is a very messy eater and his food is usually all over him or me! Here is what we thought.

These Elias Super Wipes are in a handy little packet which are great for keeping in your hand bag or changing bag without taking up hardly any room at all and they have a sticky resealable lid to keep the wipes moist.

I had been waiting ages for an opporunity to try out these wipes and the time finally came when my partner sat on some chocolate and it melted into his good jeans! I rushed for the wipes as soon as the chocolate was discovered and to my complete surprise the chocolate stain dissapeared right in front of my eyes! It was amazing  as it was a massive chocolate stain but the wipes really are Super and took the stain right out. The wipes are nice and moist and quite big so there is plenty of wipe to remove numerous stains if you need to. I was also surprised that the wipes didn't soak up the stain but some how just made it dissapear. Like magic!

You get 5 big wipes in each pack and at £2.49 per pack it will save you so much money on taking your clothes to the dry cleaners instead. Great stuff. These wipes can be purchased online via Elias own website: http://www.elias-products.com/

The best way to use these wipes is to treat the stain immediately, place a piece of cloth on the inner side of the fabric and wipe the stain with the wipe in a circular motion then wait ten minutes. Wash or clean the garment afterwards for best results. We didn't have to wash the other halfs jeans after the chocolate incident but just washed them as normal the next day and they were fine.

Elias Superwipes are designed to remove stains from clothes; they are not for hygienic use and are not edible. They are suitable for a wide range of fabrics, but should not be used on fabrics that are labelled ‘do not bleach’. So be careful and check the label on your clothes first before use.

Overall these are great wipes and they really do remove stains without damaging your clothes. They are nice and big and very moist which is fantastic. I would have liked a little more wipes in each packet for £2.49 but in light of things it's cheaper than taking your clothes to a dry cleaners so does save you a little bit of money.

Mummies rating - 8.5/10

Please visit www.elias-products.com for more information and to purchase these wipes. You can also find Elias Super Wipes on twitter so be sure to follow them for some amazing deals. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

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