28 March 2011

Review: Aubrey Organics Organimals Pet Products

Our lovely pooch Lexie has unfortunately developed allergies to some of life's most common inhabitants, such as dust mites, tree pollen, certain fungi etc, so this has given her very delicate skin and an irresistible urge to scratch herself senseless until she bleeds which as you can imagine is not good! And as she comes into contact with her allergies on a daily basis she has had to be prescribed steroid tablets by the vet which she will most probably be on for the rest of her life.

The tablets do help but she still has the odd scratch so when I was asked to review the Aubrey Organics Organimals pet products I happily agreed as I hoped it would help soothe Lexie's skin and keep her fresh so fingers crossed for less scratching. I was sent the Shampoo and Grooming Spray to try out.

Organimals Shampoo for Dogs
The shampoo comes in a handy pump dispensing bottle which I instantly thought was fantastic as when you have wet hands whilst washing your pooch the last thing you need to be doing is opening a bottle, with a handy pump you can access the shampoo easily and there is no waste incase of accidental spills. It is quite a big bottle with 237ml of shampoo and as you don't need to wash your dog every day I can see this bottle lasting a long time. The shampoo also has a lovely scent and leaves your dog very clean and smelling fresh. It did wonders for Lexie's coat making it soft and smooth. Ingredients featured are coconut oil-corn oil soap and camomile, balm mint and almond oil. The benefits of these are that they gently cleanse without overdrying and keep your dog's coat soft and great-smelling. Here is what Aubrey Organics have to say about their dog shampoo: "Synthetic detergents and pesticides don't belong on your dog. That's why Aubrey's Organimals line is the natural choice! Superb, all-natural shampoo helps keep fleas and other pests away and leaves your dog's coat soft and clean. Natural coconut oil-corn oil soap base cleanses gently, without irritating a dog's sensitive skin." I really have to agree with what they say as Lexie has benefited from the shampoo greatly and I will definitely be purchasing in the future. You can purchase this lovely shampoo for your beloved dog for £9.18 from http://www.aubreyorganicsuk.co.uk/

Organimals Grooming Spray for Dogs
I was a bit miffed by the grooming spray to start with as Lexie isn't a show dog although she likes to make a show of herself, and I was unsure if I would really need this spray for her as I felt giving her a wash with shampoo was sufficient. However after reading the bottle to find out that you can also use it on your dogs bedding as well as your dog to minimise odours I was extremely pleased. Aubrey Organics say that the "soothing spray softens and deodorizes your dog's coat and helps keep it pest and odour-free without chemicals of any kind." This spray has done a great job at keeping Lexie's coat glossy with a brilliant shine and it smells lovely, kind of a minty smell to it. It is quite a strong smell and maybe one which some people would find off putting but the spray does it's job and you cannot smell doggy odours so fantastic. Ingredients featured are natural grain alcohol and vegetable glycerine base and camomile and organic jojoba oil which freshens and deodorises as well as soften and moisturise the coat. You can purchase your very own grooming spray for £9.68 for a 237ml bottle from http://www.aubreyorganicsuk.co.uk/

Both of these products are suitable for Vegan's and carry the "leaping bunny" logo which means that they are cruelty free cosmetics. It is a massive plus to know that Aubrey Organics are against any animal testing and have vowed to never test any of their products on animals.

Overall I love both of these products and so does the other half as they make Lexie smell fresh and keep her clean meaning our home now smells fresher and feels cleaner. Both products definitely work and are well worth the money and I feel they will last you for a good length of time before you have to repurchase.

Mummies rating - 9/10

Please visit http://www.aubreyorganicsuk.co.uk/ for more information and other fabulous products. You can also find Aubrey Organics on Facebook and Twitter so why not hop on over and tell them The Breastest News sent you.

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