8 March 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 9

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

#1 We rescued a Mouse!
Continuing some how on the rescue theme (see last weeks 'we rescued a hedgehog') we managed to rescue a mouse from the neighbours cat! I was happily putting my washing away upstairs when I looked out of the window and saw the neighbours cat with something quite large in its mouth. I kept watch to see what it had and when it dropped it the thing moved and started to run. My first thoughts were oh no the poor little thing! I thought maybe I should let nature take its course however the cat is domesticated and does not need to eat mice and would only play with it then kill it for fun! So I grabbed a little cardboard box and ran outside to shoo the cat away. The poor little mouse must have been petrified as it began to squeak furiously when I tried to pick it up, poor thing. Anyway I managed to get the mouse in the box and I released it in our back garden away from the cat, plus we have a dog so the cat doesn't come near our garden often. Fingers crossed the little mouse managed to survive!

#2 Sunny Weather
Mr Sun seems to be coming back to us now. He was gone for a long long time, not good when you want to get out and about with the little one and the dog! Atleast he's here now and I do hope he will stay for a good while. Especially since we'll be getting the Graco Fusio Pushchair to test and review soon! Watch this space.

#3 Communication
Logan seems to be getting more creative in his communicating these days and since he can't talk it's a god send as it saves the tantrums. The other day we got up late and Logan must have been very hungry, he walked to the kitchen, opened his special cupboard and pulled out a box of biscuits. He brought them over saying "mmmm mmm mm" and giving them a little shake. I told him I was making his porridge for breakfast and would only be a minute so I put his biscuits back in the cupboard and showed him the porridge I was making him. He must have understood as he stood behind me, hands clasped together shouting "mmm mmmm mmmmmmm". Needless to say he scoffed the whole bowl of porridge that morning! I am glad he is finding other ways of communicating as some times it is hard to know what your little one wants and this often leads to a tantrum in frustration. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more signs and clues.

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