23 March 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful - Week 11

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

#1 Logan's Plasters
Finally Logan's plasters have been taken off as his burns have healed so well. He still has a few red patches on his chest but these have healed over and fingers crossed within the next week the red marks will be away and it will be like nothing ever happened! The nurse was very pleased and said there should be no scaring at all as the burns have healed so well. We were delighted by this and have definitely learned our lesson. The kettle has been moved to the opposite side of the kitchen and a new plug socket put into the wall so that the kettle is so far back on the kitchen worktop no one except an adult will be able to reach it. We have also installed a baby gate on the kitchen door so Logan can no longer run through to the kitchen. Please learn from our mistakes everyone, Logan has been very lucky but it could have been very different…

#2 Mother's Day
Mother's Day is fast approaching and I'm getting really excited about it. This will be my 2nd mother's day and we're planning to take a trip to the Butterfly Farm with Logan as we all love it there. Lots of pretty butterfly's fluttering above your head and cute little quails scurrying around your feet cheeping. I'm hoping that since the better weather is coming that their bee hives will be bustling and we'll get to see the bees making some honey. We've also been given an amazing baby sling from Lifft Sling so we're going to test it out there. Should be tons of fun.

#3 Poundland
I am loving the tons of bargains to be had from Poundland at the moment. I got a good selection of things including; Baby's First Sounds Book (normally £5), 6 boxes of Organix Raisins & Apple Pieces (normally £1.50), an interesting Lady Gaga Book, Heinz Fruit Pots (normally £1.86 or more), 10 Easter Cards for £1 and much much more. Will definitely be going back next week for another good look as it really saves me a lot of money on the things I would buy anyway. And it's great if you're skint and looking for a good present!

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