5 March 2011

Mother's Day Money Saving

With Mother's Day fast approaching and the purse strings being tightened why not make your own Mother's Day gift this year? Mummies love handmade gifts as a lot of thought goes into them along with love and care ofcourse. Here are a few ideas for making a lovely Mother's Day Gift.

Make Your Own Card
Simple and straight forward this one, make your own card! This is a great activity to do with young children as their imaginations run wild and you can pick up some cheap card making bits and bobs from your Local Poundland. Or you can just make a card from things lying around the house! Use pens, paper, crayons, cut outs from magazines, glue etc. You could even print off a cute photo from the computer and use that as the main imagine on your card. I make a lot of cards myself so I normally go to the Paper Mill (our local one is in Livingston) and pick up and array of card colours and you get quite a big box for £5.00 and you can keep this for future card making.

Make Your Own Gift Basket
A few years ago I made two lovely gift baskets, one for my mum and one for my mother-in-law. In these gift baskets I put lots of little essentials from creams, nail varnish, eyelash curlers, smellies, soap etc all of which I either got free (freebies from giveaways) or purchased cheaply from poundland and other discount stores. It's really easy to do and will save you quite a bit of pennies. You can purchase baskets online for a reasonable price and also the cellophane for covering your basket and some ribbons. You can also theme the baskets to make them more interesting for example a Sleep Theme; include things such as an eye mask, lavender essential oils, relaxing bath salts or Pamper Theme; moisturising cream, nail varnish, face masks etc.

Pick Your Own Flowers
Ok so your Garden might not be blooming right now or might not be full of flowers at all!! But it might be an idea to ask a friend or neighbour if you could pick some lovely flowers from their garden to give to your mum. It does not have to be a big bunch of flowers, a small handful will be enough and you can always wrap them in some cellophane and some ribbon to make them look even prettier. Young children will love picking flowers for their mum, it will give them a sense of purpose and pride when they see mummy displaying those flowers in the home. Fun activity and costs you nothing, bonus!

Turn Your Hand to Cross Stitching
I have never ever tried cross stitching but some of the designs I have seen online from cross stitching are amazing and can be quite colourful. Some people go on to make cushions and different textiles from their cross stitch design. This is a great thing to do if you are quite crafty and can turn your hand to different arty activities. There is even a post on the Money Saving Expert Forum dedicated to cross stitching. Check it out: Money Saving Expert Forum.

Bake Cakes
Another good activity to do with the kids, bake your mum some cakes. You can buy very cheap cake mix from your local supermarket and they take minutes to make. Or if you're a super cook you can make up your cake mixture from scratch! A cake might be a little healthier with less calories than chocolate so I'm sure your mum will appreciate it if she's on a 'diet'. Here is a very basic recipe from Jamie Oliver's website: www.jamieoliver.com

Create A Love Book
I know you are probably wondering what a Love Book actually is! Well it's something for the younger children to make for their mum. A love book is a little book that you can help your child make and help them write down all the reasons why they love their mummy. Very cute and very sweet and I'm sure there will be some colourful reasons as to why your child loves their mummy!! This is a nice little crafty exercise to do with the kids and it could keep them occupied for a while.

Make her Breakfast in Bed
Last but not least why not do something simple and lovely by making your mum breakfast in bed. Doesn't have to be much, some toast, fried egg, bacon a cup of tea or a glass of orange juice. Your mum will appreciate the gesture and set her in a good mood for the day.

Well I hope that has helped you make an informed decision on what to get mummy for mother's day. Good Luck and happy money saving!

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