11 March 2011

Interesting Baby Facts... Strange but True

#1 A baby is born every 7 seconds.

#2 Babies are born with very poor vision but they can recognise their mother almost straight away.

#3 Babies are always born with blue eyes but within a few moments after delivery their eye colour can change.

#4 Babies are born with swimming abilities and can naturally hold their breath however they shortly lose this instinct.

#5 Newborns usually double their weight by 6 months.

#6 Playing classical music will increase a babies intelligence.

#7 Reading to your child at ANY age will increase their knowledge.

#8 Babies and toddlers are, pound for pound, stronger than oxen. This is especially true of their legs.

#9 Babies are born without kneecaps.

Have you got any interesting but strange baby facts?

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