11 March 2011

Graco Fusio Pushchair - Test Drive

So we received our lovely Graco Fusio Pushchair on Monday from Graco but the weather has been so poo that we couldn't take it out for a test drive until today! We had it all set up and ready to go. Here is what we thought.

Not even open and Logan loves already. Big Kisses!
When I saw the box I was expecting to have a lot of building to do and dreaded it but I was very mistaken. All I had to do was put the wheels on and at that it was just "click, click", brilliant eh! It was a fantastic start and then I saw the cosy footmuff and just knew Logan would love it. He likes to be kept warm and snug in his buggy and the footmuff was perfect for him.

Logan helping to build the Fusio Pushchair.
We had a lot of snow today but by the time we managed to get breakfast and get out the door all the snow had dissapeared which was a shame as we would have liked to test the Fusio in the snow. I'm sure the snow will come back though as it's very cold so we will get our chance then.

The Fusio feels very sturdy and it's definitely a pushchair which is very secure, you won't have any worries that it will blow over in the wind like some pushchairs. The Fusio is well built and made a great impression on the other half, as soon as he saw the shock absorbers on the back wheels he was sold! We both like it that the Fusio has rubber wheels. We're not a fan of air wheels as you would get loads of punctures around our area with all the stones etc. In fact just the other day I watched my neighbour struggle to blow up the wheel on his sons buggy only to realise it was punctured! Not good.

Anyway we went out for a stroll and it was great, infact it was so good and Logan was so comfy that he fell asleep. So the Fusio has the big thumbs up from Logan. I like it that the pushchair can recline right back so it's lie flat meaning your baby can get a really good nap without worrying they are uncomfortable. Also a big bonus is the one click break system, a quick press on the little break pedal with your foot and the break is activated, simple. It was great as I could recline the pushchair when Logan fell asleep and tuck him in with the footmuff without having to worry if the break was on or not.

So comfy Logan fell asleep. Lucky him.

We really enjoyed our little stroll and we can't wait to take the Fusio out again. Next time we'll be visiting the woods or the meadows to see how it does off road.

So that's what we think of the Fusio so far. Look out for more reviews and features coming soon and please let us know how we are doing. Thank you.

Please visit www.graco.co.uk for more information and products. You can also follow them on twitter and facebook. Remember to tell them that The Breastest News sent you!

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