23 February 2011

Shoe Wars

Is it just Logan or do other children hate having shoes on their feet as well?? As a baby I never really put anything on Logan's feet other than socks and I feel this has been my undoing when it comes to the shoe wars. From the first time I did put shoes on his little (big) feet he has always tugged them off again! He has even had many a tantrum in the back of the car because he cannot pull his shoes off.

We bought him some lovely first shoes from Clarks and they mostly reside in his mouth and not on his feet. And as soon as I take them out of his mouth and try to put them on his feet I get the usual obligatory tantrum! He just has a massive thing for shoes I guess, I hope it doesn't turn into some weird fetish as he gets older!!! The little gem has even taken a shining to his teddy bears trainers which we got from Build-A-Bear.

Logan having his feet measured for the first time.
So far the only footwear that I have managed to keep on him for longer than 10 minutes has been his little Nike Air Max trainers. I'm not sure if it's because these have laces and not velcro as he loves to chew and suck on the velcro straps. My plan is now that we have a set of reins I can get him out of the buggy more and walking around. This should distract him from the shoe munching although he has taken up a new hobby, lunging into bins!!

Whilst out shopping every bin we passed Logan just had to try and touch. My cries of "NOOOOO that's dirty!!" were completely ignored but since he was on reins he had to stop, I was in control! However this led to a nice tantrum at not being able to touch the bins. Maybe I shall try and get him to push the buggy with me next time, give him something to focus on?

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