4 February 2011

Review: Tatty Teddy Luxury Chocolate Assortment

The lovely people at Me To You have sent me a gorgeous box of Tatty Teddy choccies to review for them. So if you're looking for the ideal Valentine's Day chocolates to give to that special person, these are for you!

These luxury chocolates were launched this year in January and retail for £4.99. They can be found in selected Tesco stores across the country.

I had viewed photos of this box of chocolates online but nothing compares to seeing it in the flesh! What a pretty inviting box of chocolates they are. After opening the brown jiffy bag to reveal these choccies I just can't take my eyes off them. Very eye pleasing and very very cute. Presentation has been thought about carefully, from the decorative box to the matching chocolate guide card inside. If you're giving this as a gift, the recipient won't be dissapointed. The only thing I would point out and maybe lets it down a little is that although the box is gorgeous it is a bit flimsy! A stronger box would suit it better and make it that bit more luxurious.

You get to choose from a selection of 9 different flavours and styles of choccies which includes milk, dark and white chocolate with 15 choccies in the box altogether (200g). The chocolates taste delicious and with such a variety there is genuinely something for everyone.

Overall I think for £4.99 with 200g of delightful chocolates you can't go wrong really. Yes the box is a bit flimsy but at the end of the day the chocolates win you over. Perfect gift for that perfect person. And everyone loves Tatty Teddy!!

Mummies rating - 8.5/10

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