16 February 2011

Review: SodaStream

The lovely people at SodaStream kindly offered us one of their products to test and review. They sent us the Stream sodastream just one of their many sodastream designs.

Mother's Day is fast approaching so if you are looking for that perfect gift I think this would make an ideal unique Mother's Day present.

We were very excited to receive the sodastream as my other half can remember them from when he was little. He would get a fizzy drink from the sodastream every time he visited his granny. A very fond memory for him so he has been helping with the review.

First impressions are good, it comes in a cardboard box which can only be good for the environment and minimum plastic packaging inside. This was quite easy to set up as well, hardly any fiddle bits at all and even though I got stuck with one instruction it was my fault as I was being a bit stupid. The other half kindly pointed out my mistake. It only took us 10-15 minutes at most to set up and make ourselves a fizzy drink and once the sodastream is fully set up it'll take you seconds to get yourself a fizzy drink from then on. Perfect if your in need of your quick fizzy drink fix and want to save the environment as well.

There are tons of different flavours for the sodastream from apple, lemonade and cola to blackcurrant, green tea and blueberry sport. For a full list of flavours please visit their website: www.sodastream.co.uk. Prices for the flavours range from £3.29 for a 500ml bottle or £4.99 for a sample pack of flavours. You can even purchase the variety sample pack for £12.99 which we have and you get a good selection of 12 samples in the pack. Definitly worth purchasing to try out the flavours before commiting to a 500ml bottle just incase you do not like the flavour you have purchased.

The sodastream machine itself starts from £55.99 and goes all the way up to £149.99 for the really fancy ones. The Stream machine that we have comes in two colours, white or grey. We have the grey one and it fits in perfectly with all our other kitchen appliances. I like the size of the machine as well, it is just small enough to fit under our kitchen cupboards but big enough so that it does not look cheap. There is nothing worse than spending quite a bit of money only to receive a little appliance that you thought would have been much bigger.

The Gas Cylinder that comes with the sodastream needs a licence as it's CO2 which is contained within it. The licence is provided with the purchase of the machine which is very handy and sodastream also offer a gas cylinder exchange. Here is how it works "When the gas in the cylinder is used up, you exchange the empty cylinder for a full one, paying only the cost of the gas refill". This can be done on the sodastream website and you can also purchase spare cylinders if need be. I really like the idea of refilling the cylinder as it will save waste and in turn say the environment. If you keep using the sodastream instead of buying tins and bottles of fizzy juice this will save the environment too as well as saving you money. A good all round winner really. The only thing that you will have to keep repurchasing (apart from the flavours) is the Bottles in which you make your fizzy juice. These have an expiry date on them so you will need to purchase more once these ones expire. You can buy a pack of 2 bottle for around £9.99.

So when trying the machine out to get our fizzy drink we thought it was quite simple and the drinks tasted lovely. Not every drink was to our taste for example the cola as it was very sweet and you automatically compare it to coca cola and it's just not the same. The lemonade is delicious and we loved the apple as well so there is something in there for everyone. One problem which we noticed was that the drinks didn't hold their fizz long. We put as much fizz into the bottle of water as possible then added our flavour before trying. The first time you taste the drink it is lovely and fizzy but after keeping the bottle in the fridge and drinking the next day it seems to have lost some of the fizz which is a shame. From one of your bottles you can fill around 4 slim wine glasses or roughly 3 normal tumblers which is quite good if you have family round. We both liked the fact that you can put the bottles in the fridge on their sides and they do not leak, excellent.

Overall the SodaStream is a great value for money product and an ideal unique gift for your loved one that they will cherish for some time. Easy to clean, easy to assemble and very tastey drinks. Both the other half and I agree that we really like this product. Our only problem was the loss of fizz happened quite quickly and we wished it would stay fizzier for longer.

Mummies rating - 8/10
Other Half's rating - 8.5/10

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