8 February 2011

Review: Pixley Berries Cordials

The Pixley Berries people have asked me to review their cordials which are made with lashings of fruit (not from concentrate). This is what I thought of them.

The glass bottles that the cordials come in are very nice and well presented, from first glance you can see that they are quality and are meant to impress. We were asked to review the Blackurrant and Blackcurrant & Ginger cordials.

Both drinks are very refreshing and extremely flavoursome, I would tend to suggest having these with your breakfast as they would make a great start to your day. We found them a bit heavy to have with dinner. In each 500ml there is over 60% fruit content with no artifical flavours, additives or preservatives. Perfect for children and adults with a healthy agenda. You can get up to 12 servings from a bottle and you can use the cordials for other things than just diluting with water!

Other things I here you say, yes! Pixley Berries cordials can be used in cocktails, crisp dry white wines, sparlking wines, vermouth or spirits to give them that extra fruity kick. Perfect then for when you have a party. Get the guests talking by creating new and exciting drinks that will tingle their taste buds. Another winner which I love the idea of is pouring these cordials over yoghurt or ice cream! Brilliant! You can also use them in your cooking, what can't these little beauties do!

You need to shake the bottles well before opening and once opened can last up to 21 days in your fridge. I'm sure you'll have polished it off by then though. This brand has been going for over 40 years and Edward Thompson is the man behind the farming of these delicious drinks.

You can buy the Pixley Berries coridials from Waitrose for £3.19, you know it must be good when Waitrose stock it!
Overall these cordials are bursting with taste but can be a bit heavy on the stomach. They are a bit pricey as well for only 500ml but are very well presented.

Mummies rating - 6.5/10

Please visit www.pixleyberries.co.uk for more stockists, recipes and things you can do with them for the kids.

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