14 February 2011

Review: Penwizard Personalised Children's Book

The people at Penwizard kindly offered us a free personalised children's book for Logan in return for a review. We gladly accepted as Logan is becoming more interested in books now and instead of chewing them he now turns the pages although sometimes upside down!

I've always loved reading myself and I'm very keen to have Logan follow in my footsteps when it comes to reading and enjoying a book but it's difficult to know where to start. Buying a personalised book seems to be the way forward. I think it might keep a child's interest for longer if their name is mentioned in a book however I think this will not be appreciated by the younger child to start with.

We picked the Roary Racing Car book from the penwizard site - Your Child Visits Silver Hatch. But there are many different books to choose from including; peppa pig, fifi and the flower tots, football, princess and many more. I thought you might have been able to personalise the book with a child's photo and their name however it was just their name on penwizard. You do get to change the appearance of the character who plays your child in the book so we made him look like Logan, blonde hair blue eyes etc and you can change the length of hair as well and even add glasses if you wish. The book we received has quite a story and I would suggest it may be best for children ages 3+. Logan is 14 months old and just did not appreciate how long it was. He did like the colours and the fact that I kept saying his name although he ignored me and the book after a while.

Each book costs £14.99 and is of good quality but I think the price is a little bit expensive. Good idea to give as a gift though and I'm sure would be very much appreciated by both child and parent as it's very personal. Once you have purchased your book it can take up to 5 days to arrive, ours arrived within the 5 days and was well packaged to protect it from the pesky mail man and his bending habit.

Overall the book is good quality and an ideal gift but is a little expensive and it's a shame you cannot put your child's photo in the book as well as their name.

Logan's rating - 7/10
Mummies rating - 6/10

Please visit http://www.penwizard.co.uk/ to get your child their own personalised book.

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