12 February 2011

Review: Nuby Natural Touch First Cup & Supper Sipper Beaker

As well as the teethers, Nuby have kindly sent me two of their drinking cups to review. The Natural Touch First Cup and Supper Sipper Beaker.

I have been trying out different cups to see which one Logan liked the best but nothing so far has really worked out and I was struggling. Logan needed his cow's milk and I didn't want him tipping it over his head as he would be a bit stinky when it started to dry so it was a pleasure when I received these cups to find they were no spill.

Nuby Natural Touch First Cup
This cup is Step 1 for 6m+ but although Logan is 14 months old he still loves to hold his cup with handles as it requires less effort for him. He can be a little lazy! The easy drink SoftFlex silicone spout is lovely as I know it won't damage his teeth and he can drink from it easily where as other cups he's struggled a bit to get a good drink. The silicone spout is easy to clean as it is all one piece (has a built in Vari-Flo valve), no little bits to take apart and put together again which is fantastic. Nothing worse and especially if you forget what bit goes where! It is also dishwasher safe in the top rack. The only problem I have with the spout is it seems to leak a little, I'm not sure if this cup is faulty or not but we have had some leaking. Not loads but some drips. It does come with a plastic lid to put over the top of the cup so if it was in the changing bag it wouldn't spill. I quite like the fact that on the back of the cup it has measurements of ML or OZ (holds 8oz/ 240ml) so you can see how much your baby is drinking. Quite handy if you are changing from a bottle to a cup. The cup has a cute little train design on the front which I like, adds a little something to it. This cup is BPA Free and can also be bought in Step 2 (9m+) and Step 3 (12m+). The Step 1 retails at £3.99 and comes in a range of colours.

Nuby Supper Sipper Beaker
The colour of these beakers are very eye catching and definitely draws Logan's attention to it which is really good as I am trying to get him to drink more water along with his cow's milk. I wasn't too sure how he would do with this beaker as he prefers cups with handles but he took to it like a duck with water. Holding it up to get  a better drink and zooming around our livingroom with it. I was very happy with this, it's just the right size for his little hands. This Supper Sipper Beaker is Step 1 which is from 6m+ but you can also buy Step 2 (9m+), Step 3 (12m+) and Step 4 (18m+). So if you child does like this design of beaker then they go all the way up to 18m+ so no need to stress about finding another drinking cup when they have finished with Step 1. The beaker can hold up to 300ml which is perfect for taking out and about so your child will always have enough to drink. It also comes with a plastic lid to cover up the spout so no leaking in the changing bag. This beaker hasn't leaked at all for us, hooray! It is no spill and it does live up to its name. Easy to clean as with the other cup but this one doesn't say it's dishwasher safe so I would not risk it. The beaker is also BPA Free and Step 1 retails for £3.99. There are a range of colours you can have this beaker in and Nuby have it reduced on their website for £2.99 at the moment. It has even won an award - practical parenting and pregnancy bronze award 2010/2011 for feeding equipment.

Overall great cup and beaker. I would actually recommend these to friends and family which says a lot as I haven't done so with any other cups. Good price and you get value for money from these products and with a range of colours there is always going to be something to suit everyone.

Logan's rating - 10/10
Mummies rating - 9/10

Please visit Nuby at www.nuby-uk.com for more information and to purchase their products.

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