15 February 2011

Review: Jackson Reece Baby Wipes

Logan has been having a hard time of late with his teething and this in turn has caused him to have severe nappy rash which at some points began to crack and bleed. Not nice to say the least! We had to go back to using cotton wool and water to clean his bottom as although some leading brands of wipes claim to be sensitive to babies skin they weren't. They actually made his nappy rash worse by irritating it and also stinging his little bottom.

We were really glad when Jackson Reece sent us some wipes to review for them and thought this was the perfect opportunity to try them out.

It was a tense moment before using the wipes on Logan's little bottom to see how he would react to them and although his bum was still sore when we wiped him with the Jackson Reece wipes he did not cry or try to squirm away as they were not stinging his bottom. I think the actually fact I was wiping his bottom was sore but not the wipes. Fantastic I thought and when I read the packet of wipes they contain Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil, all the things Logan's little bottom needs to heal and be soothed. The wipes also contain Lavender Essential Oil which smells great, is relaxing which combats stress and has a healing effect and is useful for skin problems, wounds, insect bites and stings. So by the sounds of it these wipes could be used for much much more than just bottom wiping! Oh and they contain no nasties!
I like the fact that these wipes are nice and thick and don't break up in your hands or whilst wiping babies bottom. They do not stick together in the packet either so it is much easier to grab a wipe at a time rather than pulling out the whole packet! I've had some name brand wipes do this and when you have a squirming baby and poo every where it is the last thing you need.

Apart from the fact that these wipes are a hit with Logan they are a big hit with me. Their full packaging is biodegradable and so are the wipes which are made from wood pulp from a sustainable source. Jackson Reece are the first company to have fully biodegradable packing and wipes. They have also won numerous awards from mother & baby, practical parenting & pregnancy, practical pre-school and tips best of the best. This proves to me that other mums find these wipes fantastic and that the company doesn't have to push their product on anyone as people genuinely think it's fantastic. I am one of those people.

These wipes are available from stores such as Mothercare, Superdrug and Sainsburys. The rrp is around £2.00 for the 72pk natural herbal wipes and £1.00 for the 10pk flushable wipes. For more stockist please visit www.jacksonreece.com.

Overall these wipes are fantastic. I have well and truly been converted from other name brands to Jackson Reece wipes. And for the safety of your child's bottom I urge you to do the same. Excellent price for what you get and I would highly recommend these.

Logan's rating - 10/10
Mummies rating - 10/10

4 comments on "Review: Jackson Reece Baby Wipes"

Maebh on 15 January 2012 at 19:08 said...

Oh I love Jackson Reece wipes, and Colin and Janet who run Jackson Reece are two of the nicest people you could ever meet!

MamaHaider said...

Love ur blog! But I'm so confused trying to decide between water wipes and Jackson reeece, which did u prefer, am due in two weeks and not sure which to stock up on

The Breastest News on 26 January 2012 at 20:40 said...

Hi MamaHaider,

Firstly thank you for loving my blog, it is much appreciated and secondly good luck for when the big day arrives :)

I preferred the water wipes if I'm honest. It just felt better on my sons skin so I would stock up on these if I were you.

Medela on 10 November 2017 at 16:09 said...

My daughter hates the wipes. She is getting a little big but still not fully potty-trained. Oh the joys ;-)

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