11 February 2011

Review: Boots No7 & 17 Spring Collections

This is one for all the mummies out there. Want to look fab and sexilicious for Valentines Day? Well read on and see what I thought of the Boots No7 Spring Collection & Boots 17 Spring Collection make-up.

I was sent a number of different items to try out from each collection. Here's a little list of what I had;

Boots No7 Spring Collection
*Spring Collection Stay Perfect Nail Polish - rrp £12.50
*Spring Collection Gel Eye Liner - rrp £10.00
*Spring Collection Lipstick - rrp £10.00
*Spring Collection Eye Shadow Palette - rrp £7.00

Boots 17 Spring Collection
*Lasting Fix Nail Polish x2 - rrp £2.99 each
*Photo Flawless Eye Liner - rrp £3.99
*Photo Flawless Foundation - rrp £6.29
*Vintage Love Metallic Nudes Eye Shadow Palette - rrp £5.49
*Photo Flawless Mascara - rrp £5.99

Boots No7 Spring Collection
The nail polish in this collection is lovely, nice girly pink colour and it stays on for ages. I like that it is easy to wipe off with nail varnish remover as well. I hate it when you have a nail polish that refuses to be removed. The only problem I really have with this is that it smells really strong! Not something you want when you have a child and a dog in the house. The eye liner was a nice turqoise blue and you have to apply it with the brush provided. This was rather fiddly for me as I much prefer a pencil but each to their own. It has a nice texture and was easy to apply to the brush so not too bad. It gave my eyes an edge to them and it sort of draws other peoples eyes to yours. I loved the lip stick as it was very moisturising however it never stayed on long at all, maybe an hour or two so you would have to keep re-applying it. It was a nice natural shade of pink as well so I could see this going with a lot of different skin tones. The eye shadow palette is more for the adventurous types amoung us, with green, blue, pink and yellow colours. There is also a little mirror in the eye palette which is great if you're on the move however there is no brush included to apply the eye shadow which is a real shame. The eye shadow did stay on for quite a while though which is great, maybe 4 - 5 hours until I had to re-apply it again.

Boots 17 Spring Collection
I absolutely love the foundation in this collection. It basically does what it says on the tin - Gives you a flawless finish! Now I have very dry skin and some foundations stick to my dry skin and make clumps of the stuff on my face which looks hideous. This foundation didn't do that, it is amazing! I will definitely be purchasing this in the future. I tried the Honey colour and although I have very fair skin (blonde hair you see) it gave me a healthy complexion which wasn't too dark. The nail polish is great, hardly any smell which is fab, it applies easily and would be perfect to give your nails a snazzing up for your work environment. I work in an office and these colours are perfect without being over the top. The eye liner was a pencil which was very easy to apply a little bit soft so don't push too hard when applying however I like it a bit softer as if the pencil is too hard you don't get much liner on your eye. I wasn't too keen on the mascara, the colour was fine but the brush was curved so much it felt wierd to use, I didn't feel like I was putting much mascara on my eye lashes. The funky metallic eye shadows are brilliant they're so sparkley and make your eyes come alive. Unfortunately they don't last long only a few hourse before I needed to re-apply but they look really good when you put them on. The palette also has a mirror and a brush and is small enough to keep in your handbag without taking up tons of space.

Overall I would probably pick and choose my favourites from each collection to keep at home and in my handbag, some really good make-up at a good price. Some aren't to my taste or maybe don't last as long as I would like but it's all personal preferance really.

Mummies rating - 7/10

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Laura Leanne on 11 February 2011 at 18:27 said...

Lucky you getting make-up to try out ;)

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